Read: Henrik Lundqvist and Ryan Callahan on the ice at Yankee Stadium

Yankee StadiumFollowing practice today, Ryan Callahan said (MSG) that the ice at Yankee Stadium was “tough” and that being outside you expect it to be bumpy, rough and that the ice crew did the best they could with it.

Henrik Lundqvist said today (MSG), “I don’t expect the ice to be at the same level as when we play at the Garden but playing outdoor,s it’s a temporary ice and if the puck comes down maybe you put your glove behind the stick in case it bounces but I told the guys that on rims behind the net I may not play it as much in case it bounces but you have to kind of expect that. I thought the ice was pretty good though…. when it starts snowing it’s a different feeling and everything moves slower but they were out there a lot clearing the snow so it was fine.”

Brian Boyle said today that he didn’t like how some people were complaining about the ice and that it was the same for both teams. He added that “obviously” with the rink being built in the middle of the infield of a baseball stadium the ice isn’t going to be “normal.” (Daily News)

Following the game, there were mixed reports on how ice held up.

via PHT an update on the ice from Mike Craig: