Read: The Possibilities For A Local Winter Classic

At the Daily News, Jesse Spector looks at the possibilities for a potential Winter Classic at one of the local stadiums.

Spector cites the Sports Business Journal as saying the New Meadowlands Stadium and Citi Field could host the game while Yankee Stadium has a College Football Bowl Game which makes hosting the game nearly impossible.

It had been reported before that the NHL may start to prefer football stadiums over baseball stadiums and that Citi Field was under consideration for the upcoming Winter Classic in Pittsburgh.

…After thinking about it, my prediction on this is that the Rangers will play Philadelphia, at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly, in one of the next two or three years. I think it goes out West again next season with Detroit possibly playing at the University of Michigan, maybe against Colorado to re-ignite that old rivalry.

I think it’s really Yankee Stadium or bust for the Rangers and the first time that it’s available, the NHL will try to get in on it. As much as I like Citi Field, I don’t believe you can hold it there and not involve the Isles and the New Meadowlands Stadium is in New Jersey.

The best idea is playing the game in Central Park, but that one is also seemingly impossible.