Note: Yankee Stadium Ticket Prices For Season Subscribers

8/19/13: (7:17PM) The Rangers have begun alerting season subscribers, via Dom, about a window in which they can purchase tickets to the Stadium Series games at Yankee Stadium against the Devils and Islanders.

The team is offering tickets to season subscribers and doing so in two games packs and selling the same number of seats that the season subscriber has a Madison Square Garden. The seats for both games in the pack are at the same location.

The team will offer all season subscribers the chance to purchase tickets but in different stages. Priority to purchase is based on “current seating levels and tenure to allow equivalent access.”

Each ticket plan also comes with a special Rangers knit hit and scarf.

Seating and price information is below

Click on the image for a larger picture.

Yankee Stadium Map FINAL with ADA - 8.7