Recap: 24/7 Preview Show

  • John Tortorella opens the show and calls it an “honor” to represent NY and that the greatest thing about NY is the “pressure.”
  • Peter Laviolette says that everything is too important in Philly.
  • It doesn’t have the same announcer that 24/7 had last year. Liev Schrieber I think.
  • They show the clip of Glen Sather saying that the Rangers are gonna come to Philly and win.
  • Paul Holmgren said that he didn’t know Sather had stand up comedy in his blood.
  • Hank says that the sport doesn’t matter, it is always tough to come to Philly.

I will try to get the video up, for those that missed it, as soon as I can.

  • Brandon Prust calls it a “more serious” version of Pond Hockey.
  • Torts says that the Rangers are a straight ahead, no no-nonsense team.
  • They obviously show the Flyers beating the Rangers in the last game of the 2009-10 season.
  • Ryan Callahan says that it is no longer good to make the playoffs. They need to do something when they are there.
  • Claude Giroux says that everyone hates everyone.
  • Brandon Prust says that the Flyers are the team he hates the most.
  • “Brandon Dubinsky plays like a little weasel” says FORMER RANGER JODY SHELLEY
  • Scott Hartnell is the least favorite player on the Flyers for Brandon Dubinsky
  • The Rangers have whistles with their logo on them.
  • Mike Rupp says that 24/7 shows the work ethic and the family life of all the players and shows that they are just regular people.
  • Torts calls the 24/7 cameras a “pain in the ass”
  • Girardi jokes that the cameras won’t be difficult for him because of all the paparazzi he deals with.
  • There is a clip of Carl Hagelin from the preseason game against the Flyers. I wonder if it was a late addition to the show.
  • Hot dogs vs Cheesesteaks?
  • Torts says that “we’re coming at ya” We are gonna be ready.

That was pretty enjoyable, more so than I thought it would be.