Read: Hoping For 24/7 In The Playoffs

Zinio Reader 4At ESPN Insider, Craig Custance writes that one major way the NHL can win fans back after the lockout is to try and lock in HBO for a 24/7 series that focuses on one series in the playoffs.

Bruce Boudreau, who was the Capitals coach during the first season of 24/7, said that he would love to be part of it and thinks it would make for great TV.

John Davidson said that it would be great for fans to see but the idea of doing it in the playoffs makes him nervous based on how secretive teams are during the playoffs.

Boudreau suggests that the show be filmed but put on hold until after the series being documented finishes or until after the Stanley Cup is awarded. He also said that the league needs to do whatever it can to grow the game, “If people understood the importance to the game and to getting viewers in America to watch it, I think it’s worth doing. If we want to be close minded and happy with hockey being a No. 4 sport, then let’s go about our business.”

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