Recap: Larry Brooks Talks John Tortorella and Alain Vigneault

While the Rangers were in Vancouver, Larry Brooks of the NY Post spoke with The Province about his dealings with John Tortorella:

On how Tortorella’s first press conference with the NY media since being fired went, “it went fine for me and I think it went fine for him. It was painless”

On what they spoke about after the press conference, “I haven’t spoken to him since the end of May and I just wanted to wish him the best. The feeling is mutual. Our relationship has taken on a life of it’s own across the continent. We laughed about that. We get along fine, away from the rink we get along great. 95% of the time we get along fine at the rink, it’s just the 5% of the time that makes news.”

Have their issues been overblown by the media, “I think it has…I think it has. I understand it too because there have been times where he and I have allowed it to escalate and probably have both gotten what we deserve from that. We have tried to get along and have done a much better job the last few years than we did before that, so I am fine with him and I think he is fine with me.”

Is it Torts 2.0 in Vancouver, “That remains to be seen how he is going to change, whether he needs to change. It’s one thing during the preseason, I know he is making every effort and I am sure he will make every effort during the regular season to be on good terms with as many people as possible but there is a lot of pressure throughout a season. I don’t know, I can’t foresee the future as far as that is concerned.”

On the difference in the markets and in the coverage, “I am not sure that that translates into him being under more pressure in his dealings with the media. He has a Q&A in the morning, the Q&A after the game and the Q&A at practice. Will it be more people, probably, will it be more questions that annoy him, maybe, but I think he will adapt. He has coached in Tampa which was different than New York and now he is in Vancouver which is a different market, so I think he will be fine. I wouldn’t think the difference will have that much of an impact.”

On changing, He has only talked about changing in his relationship with the press, but not as a coach. He wasn’t fired in NY because of his relationship with me or with the press. He was fired because the dynamic broke down between him and the Rangers. How his style will translate with the Canucks, I don’t know, but he is a true believer in shot blocking and safety first. I don’t know if that will work out here or if he were to open it up it would be a better team. He believes what he believes and so from that standpoint I think he will be the same coach he was in NY.

Brooks also spoke with TSN on this topic.