Recap: The Conversation That Al Trautwig and Mats Zuccarello Just Had

Mats Zuccarello Broadway HatIn the second intermission on MSG, Al Trautwig and Mats Zuccarello had a conversation. This is close to a word for word recap of how the conversation went.

  • Al: “You must feel like you are in a groove tonight”
  • Zucc: “I feel comfortable with my linemates, my body feels good and it’s going great”
  • Al: “Key thing, your mom is in town…does she actually cook for you?”
  • Zucc: “Oh yea”
  • Al: “What is her specialty?”
  • Zucc: “Norwegian food. Yesterday I just come home after practice and lie on my couch….”
  • Al: “Is it fish, is it meatballs?”
  • Zucc: “It’s a meatloaf kind of stuff from back home”
  • Al: “What does she put in the meatloaf?”

  • Zucc: “It’s a secret…secret ingredients”
  • Al: “So you just lay on the couch and she does all the cooking?”
  • Zucc: “She does all the cooking, she puts out my clothes, she does everything for me.”
  • Al: “So it’s like it was when you were a little kid?”
  • Zucc: “I’m spoiled when my mom is in town”
  • Al: “So you take advantage when your mom is in town?”
  • Zucc: “Of course”


  • Al: ….I’m just kidding…does it bother you when play as hard as you have been playing and the puck doesn’t go in the net?
  • Zucc: Sometimes it’s frustrating but at the same time as long as you keep creating it will come. As long as the team wins you don’t get frustrated but when you lose and you miss some chances thats when you feel bad.
  • Al: Did you feel like you were playing with fire when it was 1-0 and Hank had to make some saves?
  • Zucc: It’s a dangerous game. We have the puck a lot, a lot of chances and Hanky doesn’t have a lot to do but he is sharp when they get into our zone.
  • Al: Go home and clean up your room, don’t make your mom do it
  • Zucc: After the game I will do it (smiling)