Recap: Michael Del Zotto on the Marek vs Wyshynski Podcast

Earlier today Michael Del Zotto was on the Marek vs Wyshynski Podcast today.

  • Del Zotto said that one of the big things that he has noticed is the impact the lockout has had on small business in the Toronto area.
  • He was asked if players would still go out of their way for the good of the game and said that the union is very close and they just want to do what is best for the sport.
  • His fan interaction now is “hit or miss” as some fans support the players and other are very vocal and call him and the other players greedy. He says that he likes to think that either reaction shows a want and desire for hockey to return.
  • Del Zotto said that he really enjoyed his time in Switzerland, called it a “good experience” and said that he got to ride his bike to the rink every day. He said that the lifestyle is much more relaxed over there.
  • He played in all different kinds of rinks, some of which had big standing room sections and one in Ambri that wasn’t entirely enclosed. He said that he was colder playing in that game than he was during the Winter Classic.

  • On his contract, Del Zotto said that the issue was finding a middle ground and that he and the Rangers weren’t able to do that.
  • He says that his back injury is getting better and he returned to North America just to make sure everything was in order. He says that it isn’t serious and he would be ready to play if the season was going to start.
  • On the charity game he is playing in this week,”anytime you have an opportunity to give back, to be able to give back is something that we enjoy doing and we have the time to do it now. It’s a lot of guys that I know well.
  • Del Zotto says that not getting a chance to see what the Rangers can do this season is “frustrating.” He said “we have a very young team but we have grown. The main core has stayed together. Adding Nasher is what we needed. Scoring wasn’t our forte last season but we are really hoping to get something going in January and making some noise.
  • In a comical story, Del Zotto said that he went over to play in Switzerland with only one pair of skates. He ordered more skates but while they were being shipped the skates that he had broke. Del Zotto then had to sit out the rest of that game and another game because he didn’t have another pair.