Read: The Rangers Identity Is Not Going To Be Changing

When asked if the Rangers will not to curb their style of play to stay fresher for the playoffs, Dan Girardi said on breakup day, “I don’t think so. We all take enough pride in our training this summer and our training camp is that way for a reason. We all like playing this way. We won a lot of games playing this way and I don’t think running out of energy or burnout is a concern.”

Former Ranger Bobby Holik wrote at his blog “watching the Blueshirts as closely as I did, I began to notice a negative pattern in which on many nights they were being outplayed. They became very comfortable playing very close games, protecting the lead, and relying strictly on their defensive skills to win games. They were deploying a combination of all five guys collapsing around the net, excellent shot blocking and relying on Henrik Lundquist. It may not have been pretty, but they were the league’s hardest working team.”

John Tortorella has fielded a lot of questions regarding the Rangers team concept and adding new players, he said during break up day “Listen. We have to work extremely hard to score goals. Along the way, if there’s something that can help there, you find a way to teach your concept, but allow to bring some talent in to allow that to work for you. You can’t get stubborn here, either. We’re not going to lose our identity. I think there’s enough inner-pressure in our room.”

Derek Stepan said, “the guys that we have in this locker room all want the same thing and will work hard to get to it.”