Read: Praise Across The Board For Avery

Update: 9:05AM: John Tortorella said this after the game about Avery to Steve Zipay of Newsday:

“I wish he scored the third goal,” said Tortorella, who downplayed his discussions with Avery. “I don’t know if that (the talks) worked. I think you guys get a little crazy about all that stuff, as far as the motivation. He deserves credit in things he does. If he concentrates and engages in all aspects, he’s a pretty good player. The thing I liked about his game, he let his play do the talking tonight. Sean needs to realize he’s a really good player and let his play do the talking.”

Original Post:The benching of Sean Avery against the Atlanta Thrashers definitely caused quite a stir amongst bloggers, fans, and beat writers. Most importantly, though, it motivated Avery, as he came out flying against the Philadelphia Flyers with two goals and three drawn penalties.

The talk after the game was all about the bounce-back game  from Avery.

Steve Zipay had some words from Erik Christensen:

“Aves is a pretty confident person, you could see that throughout his career,” Christensen said. And when he saw No. 16 on the lineup board in the locker room at Madison Square Garden before yesterday’s game, “I thought to myself, ‘We’re gonna see something pretty good from him tonight, at least a lot of energy, that you’d notice him in some way.’ “

Brandon Dubinsky lauded Avery’s game as well, via Jim Cerny:

“He was so focused,” Brandon Dubinsky said of Avery. “Before the game started, he was ready to go. Right from the get-go he went out there and was physical, in your face, skating the way he can. I mean, he’s one of the best skaters in the league. And then he gets rewarded with two goals. He was great.”

And finally, Henrik Lundqvist spoke highly of what Avery did against the Flyers, from Andrew Gross:

“It’s just a gut feeling but when he’s a little angry, he plays a lot better,” said goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who faced just 18 shots. “It’s just my opinion. But he looked really focused [Sunday]. He was making good decisions. He was good with the puck. It was great to see.”

I’ve said enough stuff on the game Avery played on Sunday, but if there’s one more thing I have to say it’s to check out those articles because it’s really only the tip of the iceberg, in terms of the accolades. Check them out to read more from Torts, Drury, Callahan, and Lundqvist.

…Here’s more from Larry Brooks at the NY Post.