Read: Playing For Each Other

On Hockey Night Live last night, EJ Hradek mentioned an old story about how Al Arbour would talk to the Islanders when they were winning Stanley Cup’s in the early 1980’s about how the team didn’t play for Arbour, they played for each other.

Hradek says that when he looks at this Rangers team he sees a team that is a tight group and playing for each other.

John Tortorella talked on 24/7 about how the Rangers can’t play for him or Mike Sullivan, they need to play for each other.

On the team, earlier this week, Brandon Dubinsky said:

“We love our team and guys play hard for each other every night and we just win. We aren’t satisfied with where we are and we want to keep building and keep building and see where that takes us and make sure we are ready every night.”

During the 2009-10 season the Rangers had a talented but even group of players that never seemed that joined together. Last season it began to show that a lot of the guys were close and bonding with one another, but they are on another level this season. These guys go to battle as a unit and their group mentality has had a lot to do with many of their wins this season.

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

He's terrible, and no one should be on scholarship here.

Sadly if they were going to cut him they would have done it before season started.


Danger - Danger...

CB Hosley will Step in for Slot CB Thurmond,

who is GONE for the year with a Torn Peck...

the GOOD---

Rolle gets to STAY at Safety....

the BAD---

CB Hosley hasn't Played Well at ALL...

i think he even got benched in Pre-Season....

the UGLY---

another REESE Project "ALTHLETE",

that is kept on the ROSTER,

because he was a 3rd round pick,

NOT for His Play on GAME DAY....

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

If Odell Beckham is supposedly finally healthy I'd cut Julian Talley in hopes of adding him back to the practice squad. Preston Parker has done relatively well in his shot at WR and Corey Washington who's ahead of Talley hasn't even gotten his shot yet. Then if you add Beckham back into the mix I don't see the need for Talley on the roster. It's much more likely they'd need to utilize a 5th CB as opposed to a 6th WR.


@Brian Webster ....  I still don't understand why Washington is riding the bench after the kind of pre-season he had. Just because he's tall and athletic DOES NOT mean that he should only be featured in red zone opportunities like they did with Plaxico. I swear the Giants coaching staff (Coughlin in particular) have a one-track mind on how or when to use players. If not for the hiring of McAdoo, they would be totally void of any creativity on the offense. Washington has been ignored in this offense since the season started, and there's really no good reason for that.

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

@spider43 @Jeff Comerford none.  But if the Giants were truly inclined to cut him, they would have done so during the preseason.  I hope they are seeing something the rest of us aren't - because he has been putrid on game days.

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

@spider43 Washington is raw....  Playing Wide Receiver is tough, and there are a lot of intricacies.  Keep in mind, not once during the preseason did Washington play with the First or Second stringers.  He will be developed - but it will take time.  The Giants are being patient with him - and that's not a bad thing.

(Try not to read too much into success in the preseason against 3rd stringers - has beens and never will bees).