Read: 3 on 3 OT Is Gaining Steam

NHL Puck

7:20PM: Darren Dreger said that there is no interest in pushing through the idea of a 3 on 3 OT. He notes that Gary Bettman loves the shootout and that 3 on 3 has never gotten enough support to be put to a vote.

4:57PM: Craig Custance, of ESPN Insider, was in Traverse City during the prospects tournament and spoke with executives about the 3 on 3 overtime that was used prior to a shootout.

The process used following regulation was five minutes of 4 on 4, five minutes of 3 on 3 and then a shootout if the score was still tied.

Red Wings GM Ken Holland is a big supporter of 3 on 3 and the General Managers of the Wild and Hurricanes both enjoyed it and support it.

Custance also spoke with Rangers assistant GM Jeff Gorton who said that it was “fun to watch,” the fans enjoyed it and the executives watching were enjoying it.

Holland told Custance that support for changing overtime has been gaining steam and there is more support for changing OT now than there was a year or two ago.