Poll: Do You Want The Islanders To Move?

Today at 12:30P the New York Islanders will introduce this years #1 overall pick Jonathan Tavares at the wonderful Nassau Coliseum. As many people know, the Islanders are fighting to get a new arena as part of the Lighthouse Project. If the deal isn’t approved there are rumblings that they Isles may relocate, rumblings that are not being helped by the Islanders playing a pre-season game in a new Kansas City Arean. So the question is, as the Rangers top rivals and with a long history of battling:

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I am very much undecided but seem to go towards voting no. No one plays the Rangers like the Islanders do and with the long history the two teams have it would be quite strange for the Rangers to not play the Islanders six times a season.

Monzo: This would suck if they moved.  This is one of the most natural rivals in all of sports.  The endless amount of playoff battles and regular season games — and Steve Somers bashing the Islanders — are all some of most memorable moments in NYR history.  I am signing on the dotted line for ‘NO!’