Note: The 2014-15 Salary Cap Is Expected To Rise

Earlier today, Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs spoke with reporters and said that while the salary cap is going down for this coming season, he expects the salary cap to rise substantially for the 2014-15 season.

He is basing his assumption on projected league revenues.

On TSN 1050 Friday, Pierre McGuire said that the chances of the salary cap rising after this coming season are very high.

Agent Allan Walsh tweeted that he thought it would return to the $70 million it is this season.

It’s been reported that the NHL will pull in close to $2.4 billion in hockey related revenue from this lockout shortened season.

In 11-12, the NHL had $3.3 billion in HRR which set up the salary cap of $70.2 million.

The Rangers currently have four players under contract for 2014-15: Rick Nash, Derek Dorsett, Marc Staal and Brad Richards