Live: John Tortorella On The Michael Kay Show

On Nash: “It’s a really good deal. We are losing a couple of good players and a prospect. I am very close to Dubi and Artie, they have been good players for us. Erixon has potential, I haven’t seen it yet, to be a really good player. We are picking up a guy that is a top power forward coming our way.”

On expectations “As you evolve there are always expectations. That is a big part of what we have to handle correctly this year. There are no predicting, we just go about our business. We added a really good player and are just going to go about our business”

On getting him during the season, “I think it was close. They were asking for certain people but we weren’t willing to move some people. I think that Glen and Gorts had great patience with it. We didn’t want to lose the players they were asking for at first because they are part of our core. Someone was always asking for Dubinsky and I think that Brandon should feel good about that since he is so respected”

On Dubi, “he has matured. When I first started here he was a pain in the ass. He would get too high and then get too low. I will miss the guy. We spent a lot of time together just developing. I think he will have a good year and find his way”

On Kreider “They knew they weren’t getting him. That was not a long discussion. Everyone looks to shoot for what they want and they just go back and forth. I am glad it’s a deal that happened. I don’t know Rick, but I have heard so many great things about him. He is going to fit in because he goes about his business and works every day. We are really looking forward to it. This is a legit top power forward and we are excited about having him”

On Del Zotto “Michael had a tremendous bounce back year, defended very well and had a very good playoff until the end. By no means are we trying to move Michael Del Zotto or lose him. We are looking to add more on the back end”

On losing to the Devils, “I still don’t get over it. Marty made a great save on Brad in game six and I think that if we score and go up 3-2 we win that game and I don’t think we lose game seven”

On watching the Stanley Cup, “Not for a second. I’m not sure what it is, I just don’t. I’m not too interested. Once our season is over we start getting ready for our next camp. If we aren’t involved I don’t care”

On Prust, “we will miss him. He is a glue guy and became a big part of the locker room. Everyone in the room liked him and he loved it here. You try and keep your teams together but it’s impossible. I think Pruster was trying to be fair, but god, he gets $10 million over $4 years and promised some things by their organization and I am leery of that, and I told him that.”

The Yanks getting Ichiro “He has had a tough year, but oh boy, that is terrific. They just find ways to win. They have some great leadership. I have never met Joe but I think he just does a terrific job as far as keeping it steady.”

Torts says “no chance” to a weekly interview with Michael Kay. He says that will talk with them in October.