Buzz: Rangers Let Christer Rockstrom Go (Update-To Montreal)

The Montreal Canadiens have hired Christer Rockstrom as their European scout.

Rockstrom has spent the previous 21 years with the Rangers organization.

…Good luck with Montreal.

Earlier Talk Of Rockstrom Leaving Is After The Jump

Update: 8:47AM:

At Prospect Park, Jess Rubenstein is angered that the Rangers didn’t announce that Rockstrom had been let go.

…Frankly, how many Ranger fans knew Christer Rockstrom? He had been with the organization a long time and had made some big picks for them, but how many fans knew who he was to begin with? How many know who any of the scouts are? I would bet there is something in Larry Brooks‘ Slap Shots column tomorrow. He always has little tidbits like this. As for it breaking in the Edmonton Journal, if there is one source for Rangers related information that isn’t from NY, it should be the EJ where Sather spent so much of his career.

For a list of Rangers  scouts, with Rockstrom still on the list, click here

…I agree with Jess that Anders Hedberg, the Rangers head European Scout, should take over the position

Original Post:

According to the Edmonton Journal, the Rangers have let head European Scout Christer Rockstrom go from his position and could fill that position with former Edmonton Oiler Kent Nilsson.

Rockstrom was the Rangers Director of Player Personnel for Europe.

Nilsson is the father of former Islander Robert Nilsson, who just signed in the KHL.

…Thanks to Bill for sending this in.

….I liked Rockstrom; he was always talked about with such high praise. Nilsson is another Sather guy who was the Oilers’ European amateur scout, and, well, the fit is probably too perfect from their point of view.