Buzz: Erik Christensen Not Getting Qualified? (Update)

Update: 3:27PM:

Zipay has a little more at Blue Notes.

…Prust has a qualifying offer of $577,500 and Christensen’s is $825,000. Are they really gonna squeeze Christensen for a contract that will pay him less than $825,000 per year?


Steve Zipay tweets that Brandon Prust will receive a qualifying offer, but that Christensen will not, as they look to sign a two-year deal.

…Okay, makes sense.

Original Post:

According to Nick Kypreos on Twitter, Erik Christensen isn’t likely to get a qualifying offer, but the Rangers still hope to sign him.

Larry Brooks, in a reply to Kypreos, seems to agree.

Kypreos also notes that Enver Lisin won’t be qualified, which Brooks reported last week.

This will make Christensen, who made $750,000 last season,  an unrestricted free agent.

…This could get tricky if he hits UFA status, which it looks like he will; yes, he owes the Rangers something because they picked him up off of waivers and gave him a chance to succeed, but someone could swoop in with a better offer and the Rangers could lose him.