Read: Chris Kreider Is Begining To Find His Way/Why John Tortorella Struggles To Find Ice For Him Sometimes

2:22PM: At Hockey’s Future, they rank Kreider 19th in their top 50 prospects and say “during this season he has shown signs of being one of the best prospects in the league, particularly during his last demotion to the AHL, but he does not look to be as much of a sure thing as he did last summer.”

12:53PM: In his past two games with the Rangers, Chris Kreider has a goal, six shots on goal and has played 13 minutes and nearly 15 minutes.

Kreider scored on a terrific passing play that started with Brad Richards and ended with a give and go between him and Michael Del Zotto.

Joe Micheletti noted on Tuesday night that Kreider was becoming more and more noticeable and that the key may have been that he stopped thinking and just started playing. Joe said, “he looks like a much different player than he did just a few weeks ago.”

On the Michael Kay Show yesterday, John Tortorella said that Kreider has started to learn how to play away from the puck. Tortorella said that he can only play a young if he doesn’t hurt the team defensively. He added, “we play in so many close games and it’s easy for people to say “let him play,” but when the puck is int he back of your net and you are losing 4-2, it just isn’t right.”

Tortorella followed up and said, “I really like what he did yesterday. Not only did he end up with 3 or 4 scoring chances, but he did the job along the wall. He understands positioning away from the puck and I think he is beginning to have a bit of a personality and we are really excited about it.”