Read: A Report On Micheal Haley

Yesterday the Rangers signed former Islander Michale Haley to a two-year deal.

I asked SNY’s Kevin Schultz, of Islanders Point Blank, to give me a report on Haley and the kind of player that he is.

“He’s a bit undersized for a fighter but will take on anyone and can hold his ground against most anyone. I’d compare him to a Tasmanian Devil who gets wound up and flies around the ice. A lot of Islander fans clamor for him to be on the NHL roster because of this fun-to-watch mentality and because he “can actually play.” That’s a very broad definition though as he’s a .5 ppg player in the AHL and his only comparable on the roster at the time was Trevor Gillies, who literally couldn’t do anything other than fight. It’s easy to say one player can play hockey when the other is a heavyweight boxer on skates. ”

He adds, “Ranger fans should love Haley and he’s a middleweight NHL fighter who isn’t afraid of anyone. But skill wise, he’s an AHL player through and through. The Islanders called him up to give him a shot during a long losing streak last October. He provided a bit of a spark emotionally but eventually found his way to playing small minutes on the fourth line as the coaching staff found out he wasn’t a player you can give regular shifts to.”