Read: Boo Nieves Shows Flashes and Wants To Be a 200ft Player

Boo Nieves played in two split squad games and three full squad games for Team USA at the WJC evaluation camp last week.

Chris Peters, at the United States of Hockey, writes that Nieves continued his streak of flashing his talent on one shift and then fading away on the next. Peters says that with the “size, speed and skill” that Nieves has, he should never be a player who fades away but adds that his potential is “off the charts.”

On his time at the USA camp, Boo told SNY’s Nick Licalzi that he enjoyed playing in different roles and showing his versatility, “I’m not used to penalty kill, I’m used to being a top-two line guy and power play guy but it was the opposite in this camp. I think I showed that I am versatile and can play anywhere.”

On his goal for this season, Boo says that he wants to be more consistent,  a 200ft player, better defensively and put up more points.

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At the United States of Hockey, Chris Peters writes that Nieves isn’t a lock to make the team but could earn a spot on Team USA with a substantial role at Michigan during the first half of the year/


Glad to see Ants lose by wide margin. Need to practice more at the Nets court.

Joseph Fernandes
Joseph Fernandes

Really Adam, Demolished St. Anthony. No it was completive and St. Anthony had a lead after one. And this was 2 point game in the 4th. quarter. Adam I like your blog. But get real here.