Recap: Gordie Clark’s Comments On The Draft Picks

  • On the draft,“It was interesting how it went, watching them all go off the board. In the end we really like Adam Tambellini, the skill of Buchnevich and we wanted to take a chance on that. Tambellini is a good skater. Buchnevich reminds me of Cherepanov a lot, same kind of style, real nice head and hands. Duclair, there was probably about half a dozen kids who had good underage years last year and had off-years this year and he was one of them and that is why all of them slipped in the draft. We were able to draft one of them and he is lightning fast. We got some speed and skill and it time to take a d man and we are looking at those guys now, after the third round you are looking for things that stand out and the last two that I took, Ryan Graves is a big 6-4 defenseman from PEI and he had an average first half and in the second half his play went uphill. Same with the goalie Skapski. Ryan McGill was our coach in Hartford, I know him really well, and he was really up front and said that he we expected him to be better in the first half too, he wasn’t, but in the second half his play went up hill.”

  • On Buchnevich’s immediate future, “he is contractually obligated. We knew that all before, he was called up for about 10 KHL games this year as a 17 year old, he will be on that team this year. He has two years left.”
  • On bloodlines, “There is no question. I think a lot of speed with Tambellini. I remember seeing his other son, Jeff, who is shorter and faster and this one is taller and more of a playmaker. Both of them have an NHL shot. He needs to put some weight on and will do that in North Dakota. Like Hagelin was, I projected he would go four years and when he came out after four years he did all right.”
  • On not having an early pick, “I just never watched so much talent walk through the tables to get to the podium. Even in the second round but you read it in the paper, I would never give Nash back for the first and Ryane Clowe was such a big part of our March going from 9th to 5th. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”
  • On moving up in the draft, “We looked at different things and even looked at moving back and maybe taking two fourths, to get an extra pick but none of that stuff materialized. Teams were willing to do it but the player they wanted wasn’t there to do it. We had people approach us with picks for NHL players, when they saw we didn’t have a first or second, but mostly second but they were willing to “help us” for a player that there is no way we would trade.”
  • “North Dakota has put a bunch of players in the NHL. JT Miller had to make a decision on Plymouth vs North Dakota and those are two really good programs. It’s the American player is on par. I think I said this, Glen always pokes fun at me about taking these American kids and I tell him that once the Canadians start winning the World Juniors and Under 18s I will start taking them. I’m joking.”
  • Tambellini will need some time. He could be like Hagelin or Boo Nieves and need all four years. I think, in the last four or five years we have been asking these kids to come in and play in 1 or 2 years but we need to remember that some of these kids need time and Hagelin proved that. Not everyone can be ready in two years.”