Tweet: High Praise For Jesper Fasth

When translated, the tweet reads “Jesper Fasth is superb in match after match for # HV71 . There, the New York Rangers made ​​a clip. Henrik Lundqvist is probably satisfied! # twittpuck”

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Note: Jesper Fasth Apparently Did Something Impressive Yesterday

This translates to “Not many dude in Elitserien can score alone with four # Lulea player and Johan Gustafsson. # HV71 ‘s Jesper Fasth can.

Another tweet translated to “Well, that was a decent individual performance by Jesper Fasth. The shot was sitting pretty good. ”

Another translated toHV acknowledges to 1-1. Jesper Fasth makes the goal of a really neat shot that goes up in the roof of the net. Match delicacy, for sure.

This one saiddamn good! Jesper Fasth is clearly the best!

This one translated to Oh my! Jesper Fasth .. Which hockey candy!

THIS IS THE GOAL that Fasth scored yesterday.

Fasth has five goals and two assists this season for HV71

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Read: Jesper Fasth Prospects Preview

Mike S.

In the history of the New York Rangers Draft, selecting players in the later rounds (6th round) has worked out very well for them. The list of players drafted by the Rangers in the 6th round that had solid careers in the NHL: Eddie Johnstone (1974), Tom Laidlaw (1978), Reijo Ruotsalainen (1980), Tony Granato (1982), Kjeil Samuelsson (1984), Darren Turcotte (1986) and Carl Hagelin (2007). Perhaps the best selection for the Rangers in the round 6 will be their 2010 selection of Jesper Fasth. Interesting fact leading up the 2010 draft was that Fasth did not appear on the NHL Central Scouting; which ranked European skaters available for the draft. If not for Red Line Scouting Report service; which had ranked Fasth 110 overall, most people might not have heard of him at all. Reportedly, one of the reasons why Fasth was overlooked was based on his date of birth (December 2, 1991). Apparently, being younger and undersized (5’11/165 lbs) caused Fasth to slip through the cracks.

Since being drafted, Fasth had a solid season in 2010-11 (65 games: 20 goals-22 assists) while playing against older and stronger players. Fasth has also added nearly 15 pounds to his frame (5’11/179lbs) and is currently playing for the HV71 Jonkoping Swedish Elitserien team and in four games has produced a goal.

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Below are a few Scouting reports on Fasth:

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Read: Jesper Fasth Is Planning To Come Over After This Season

Back in December, Jesper Fast signed a two-year extension with his team in Sweden.

At the time it was thought that Fast would spend this season in Sweden with HV71 and then come to North America next season.

In an interview with Hockey Sverige, Fast said that he is happy to spend this season in Sweden as he needed another year to play there after he lost most of last season to an injury, but that the plan is to come to North America next season.

The Ranger signed Fast to a contract back in May.

Fast has three goals in five goals so far for HV71.

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Note: The Rangers Need To Sign Jesper Fasth and Oscar Lindberg To Keep Their Rights

At Hockey’s Future, Leslie Treff writes that the Rangers need to sign 2010 sixth round pick Jesper Fasth to an entry-level contract to be able to keep his rights.

Treff writes that the Rangers need to offer Fasth a contract in the next two months, “What that will involve is likely giving Fasth a bonus while having him play in Europe for another season, with no assurance that he will play for the Rangers in the fall of 2013. Although that is a big risk, it is expected that New York will do just that, as Fasth has excellent offensive upside.”

Treff writes that Oscar Lindberg, acquired for Ethan Werek last spring, is in the same situation as Fasth.

On Lindberg, Treff writes, “according to the Rangers, the experience Lindberg is getting is excellent, and his development is on target. Projected to be a second- to third-line player in the NHL, the Rangers are looking for Lindberg to develop into a mostly defensive forward.”

Treff writes that Lindberg could play next season with the Whale.

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Note: Jesper Fasth Signs An Extension With HV71

HV71 has announced that they have signed Rangers 2010 sixth round pick Jesper Fasth to a two-year contract extension.

It says in the piece that Fasth is likely to sign a contract with the Rangers but he likes having the option of staying in Sweden to continue to develop his game.

This tweet translates to:HV 71 has posted a new 2-year contract with Jesper Fasth. Expect that he will stay one year and move to NY Rangers 2013th # twittpuck

Fasth has not played since brutally breaking his foot at the end of November. He is expected to miss three months.

Fasth, 20, had five goals and 11 assists in 21 games this season.

Spending at least one more year in Europe after missing this one is probably a good idea. He is still under Rangers control and as long as he is he can take his time in developing into another sixth round Swedish steal.

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Buzz: Jesper Fasth Injured His Foot….Badly (With The Disturbing Video)

Update: 3:23PM:

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This translates to: “He’ll be gone for quite some time.” Ulf Dahlen does not sound veryhopeful as regards Jesper Fasth.

WARNING: Video Is Not Pleasant To Watch

Original Post: According to Hockey Expressen, via Sean Leahy, 2010 sixth round pick Jesper Fasth brutally injured his himself in a game for HV71 earlier today.

The knee was twisted into an ugly angle. Jesper Fasth screaming out his pain and had to leave the ice on a stretcher. For the second time in ten months, the HV71-talent injured his left knee. – It did not look good, says team captain Johan Davidsson.

According to the report, “Fasth lost his balance in a clinch at the rink and in case he turned again to his left knee. He had immediate pain and the game was broken. Doctors ran onto the ice and he had to be carried out on a stretcher.”

WARNING: Video Is Not Pleasant To Watch

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This translates to “Nasty Injury to Jesper Fasth. Hope it is not as bad as it looked”

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This translates to “Suffering with Jesper Fasth who feared had an ankle fracture. Didnot look good after seeing the replay … Hope for the best! # HV71″

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