Read: It’s Going To Be Pretty Tough To Get MSG To Move

MapOn May 29th, at Gothamist, they looked at some renderings that architects developed for a New Madison Square Garden.

One proposal saw MSG on the west side of Manhattan, similar to where it has been thought to be moved, and the other saw the arena moved just outside of the City.

In response, MSG released a statement and said “It’s curious to see that there are so many ideas on how to tear down a privately owned building that is a thriving New York icon, supports thousands of jobs and is currently completing a $1 billion transformation. These pie-in-the-sky drawings completely ignore the fact that no viable plans or funding to rebuild Penn Station and relocate MSG actually exist.”

MSG notes that they spent millions of dollars and about three-years exploring the idea of moving across the street to the Farley post office as part of the new vision for Penn Station.  They said that the plan for that fell apart and the people who caused it to fall apart are the same people pressuring MSG to move right now.

At ESPN NY, Ian Begley notes that even with the City Council vote, a plan still needs to be developed and that the City, state, Federal Government, MTA, Amtrak, community boards, local business, the commuting public and Madison Square Garden will all need to work together to get this to become a reality.

Crains New York mentioned two potential landing spots for Madison Square Garden, if a deal is struck and it is moved, the back of the Farley Post Office, across the street from where MSG currently is, or a two block stretch on ninth avenue and 30th street.

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Adam Rotter: I spoke with some people involved with New York City real estate yesterday and pretty much everyone thought that when this is all resolved, MSG will stay where it is and there will be some sort of compromise to help improve Penn Station. There are so many different people that need to get on the same page and so much money involved that things could fall apart and come back together a dozen times before there is any resolution. There is also a thought, like what George Steinbrenner used to do, that James Dolan could threaten to take the Knicks and Rangers out of NYC to get his way and keep MSG where it is.