Jeff Gorton says that the Rangers are likely done making moves for the summer

Gorton8/11/15 | 4:26PM: Gorton said that his job is to listen and that the Rangers have already made moves that they hope will improve the team. (Ranger Rants)

8/10/15 | 4:25PM: Jeff Gorton says that he doesn’t “envision” the Rangers making any more moves before training camp starts in September. (Andrew Gross)

Gorton said though that he is always looking out for opportunities and players who can help improve the team. (Andrew Gross)


What Jeff Gorton said about getting Derek Stepan signed

GortonRangers GM Jeff Gorton says that the Rangers are “really happy” to get Derek Stepan signed long-term. (NYR)

Gorton said that coaches and management all agreed that they wanted Stepan to stay as part of the core and be part of the Rangers future. (NYR)

He said that Stepan has been someone who has played well for the organization and will now enter his “prime years.” He said that Stepan is a guy that the Rangers want to build around and that he fills a lot of different and important roles on the team.  (NYR)



Jeff Gorton’s plan for the Rangers is similar to what is currently going on

Gorton 1Jeff Gorton said that his philosophy on team building is similar to the one that Glen Sather has put into place the last number of years.

Gorton said that the focus is on having a skilled and competitive team and that if the situation calls for it, he will make moves to “go for it.”

He added, “we want to win here and we think we have a pretty good team and that is what we are all trying to do. I’d like to think that we will draft well, continue to find skill and character players but when the time is right we will continue to go for it.”


Jeff Gorton is still going to use Glen Sather as much as he can

Jeff Gorton7/9/15 | 12:22PM: Jeff Gorton said that Glen Sather will still be part of the Rangers management group and that having Sather around as someone who they can bounce ideas off of will “obviously be a benefit to me and everyone here.”

Gorton said that he will use Sather as much as he can and that he still anticipates Sather calling him “five times a day.” He added that Jim Schoenfeld will continue to be a big part of the management group.

He said that he doesn’t see big changes happening and that that he doesn’t plan on being a “one-man team.”


The main thing that changes with Jeff Gorton taking over as GM

Gorton 1Jeff Gorton said on his conference call yesterday that “not a lot is changing” with his move from assistant GM to GM and Glen Sather’s move from GM to President.

Gorton did say that the one thing that is changing is “I will have the final decision on players.”

He added, “we have a really good staff with a lot of good people in place. To have someone like Glen in our corner to bounce things off and talk to about what we are thinking. That is obviously a benefit to me and everyone here.”

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