What Jeff Gorton said about the Rangers and the coming season

GortonJeff Gorton spoke with reporters following yesterday’s practice and said (NYR):

  • On Dylan McIlrath, “I think so. I think that it’s been an evolution to his game. It has obviously taken a while for a big guy but he has played really well and done a lot of things we have asked him to do. For us, a 6-5 defensemen who plays the style he does and the way he does I think it’s a big asset for us.”

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Jeff Gorton explains where he will be different from Glen Sather

Jeff GortonCraig Custance asked Jeff Gorton where he thinks he will be different as a General Manager than Glen Sather. (ESPN Insider)

He said that Sather is someone who “likes to make decisions fairly quickly” and not let things “simmer.” (ESPN Insider)

Gorton adds that as GM he will “probably go a little bit slower” with some decisions and that is likely to be the “biggest difference” between the two.  (ESPN Insider)

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Glen Sather is in Traverse City and Jeff Gorton is glad to have him there

Glen SatherGlen Sather is part of the Rangers brain trust in Traverse City watching the team’s prospects play. (ESPN Insider)

Sather is there with Rangers GM Jeff Gorton, Director of Player Personnel Gordie Clark and SVP Jim Schoenfeld. (ESPN Insider)

Craig Custance says that Sather and Gorton were still “side-by-side” sharing hockey observations with each other.” (ESPN Insider)

Gorton told Custance that Sather loves it in Traverse City and that he is glad Sather will be around the team. Gorton told Custance, “It’s an opportunity for me to be around him and get his advice when needed. Who doesn’t need that?”(ESPN Insider)

Gorton said before that even with the role change, Sather is still going to be with the Rangers a lot.


Jeff Gorton says that the Rangers are likely done making moves for the summer

Gorton8/11/15 | 4:26PM: Gorton said that his job is to listen and that the Rangers have already made moves that they hope will improve the team. (Ranger Rants)

8/10/15 | 4:25PM: Jeff Gorton says that he doesn’t “envision” the Rangers making any more moves before training camp starts in September. (Andrew Gross)

Gorton said though that he is always looking out for opportunities and players who can help improve the team. (Andrew Gross)


What Jeff Gorton said about getting Derek Stepan signed

GortonRangers GM Jeff Gorton says that the Rangers are “really happy” to get Derek Stepan signed long-term. (NYR)

Gorton said that coaches and management all agreed that they wanted Stepan to stay as part of the core and be part of the Rangers future. (NYR)

He said that Stepan has been someone who has played well for the organization and will now enter his “prime years.” He said that Stepan is a guy that the Rangers want to build around and that he fills a lot of different and important roles on the team.  (NYR)