Jeff Gorton is still going to use Glen Sather as much as he can

Jeff GortonJeff Gorton said that Glen Sather will still be part of the Rangers management group and that having Sather around as someone who they can bounce ideas off of will “obviously be a benefit to me and everyone here.”

Gorton said that he will use Sather as much as he can and that he still anticipates Sather calling him “five times a day.” He added that Jim Schoenfeld will continue to be a big part of the management group.

He said that he doesn’t see big changes happening and that that he doesn’t plan on being a “one-man team.”


The main thing that changes with Jeff Gorton taking over as GM

Gorton 1Jeff Gorton said on his conference call yesterday that “not a lot is changing” with his move from assistant GM to GM and Glen Sather’s move from GM to President.

Gorton did say that the one thing that is changing is “I will have the final decision on players.”

He added, “we have a really good staff with a lot of good people in place. To have someone like Glen in our corner to bounce things off and talk to about what we are thinking. That is obviously a benefit to me and everyone here.”

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Glen Sather didn’t speak yesterday and what they may mean

Jeff GortonRangers assistant GM Jeff Gorton spoke with the media yesterday following the draft which is something that Rangers GM Glen Sather normally does.

In early June Sather confirmed that he was undecided about whether he would continue on in his role as GM.

Larry Brooks wrote on Sunday that it would have been nice of Sather to provide some clarity on both his future as well as the future of the team. (NY Post)

Gorton, who was highly sought after by Boston and Toronto, was called a “rock star” by someone in the Maple Leafs organization. (Toronto Sun)

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What Jeff Gorton said about the moves the Rangers made

GortonRangers assistant GM Jeff Gorton met with the media earlier today to discuss the moves that the Rangers made. (NYR)

On the Cam Talbot trade, “this has been going on for a number of days. Cam is going to be a UFA next year and we felt that we had a really good backup goalie but with him being a free agent and the fact that we haven’t had many picks lately. We felt like it was something that we had to do. At the end of the day we got a deal that we are happy with the picks we got and who we selected. At times it looks liked it might have been a better deal but it didn’t manufacture that way. We took a deal that we thought was the best deal that we could make at that time.”

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