Recap: Wade Redden on Free Agency and his situation

Senators Rangers HockeyWade Redden was on Macko and Cauz and spoke about his free agent contract and time with the Rangers:

  • On his July 1 with the Rangers, “It was a whirlwind, probably something I wasn’t prepared for. It didn’t end great but it was an exciting time and it was a big decision to make and there are a lot of things going on and to consider and it’s a big day and it can become a bidding war and teams get caught up and it’s a crazy day.”
  • Did players help to recruit you, “I think, in my case, there were a few calls from teams with players that I knew. Most teams have something to offer and guys want a player. I don’t know if it still happens anymore and I think guys have something in their head and I don’t know if a cal from a team would sway them.”

  • How much do personal decision influence it, “it all goes hand in hand and every player wants to win and be on a good team and organization. After that there are certain situations in peoples lives, maybe it’s closer to family or home, guys need to weigh out what is more important and they make a decision based on that. Everyone wants to win and be on a good team and to try and pick a winner it’s like shooting in the dark and a lot of variables go into it.”
  • Can you trust the team being a good fit or do you go where you make the most cash, “cash is a big consideration and now I am done playing and very fortunate to have the money and that freedom because when you are done playing nothing else matters, you think about your family and what you need for the rest of your life and carry on and a lot of life left to live after hockey. If you can get the money, you want to be on a team that can win, but its also that security and freedom that comes with the money.”
  • How uncomfortable is it in Ottawa, “I’m sure everyone wants it to be done with and move on and cut ties. When I was there we had such a core and we went to the Final and had great teams and it seems like everything has changed there now. He was a young guy when I was there and he was such a big part of it and now he will be gone. They are searching for a new identity and moving him is cleaning the slate completely.”
  • On his situation, “It wasn’t a comfortable time going through it and going to the minors and having to dealing with that but I approached it and tried to keep playing the game as I always did and I went to the minors and tried to enjoy it. I had to remind myself that I was still getting a big paycheck and I wanted to get back and another opportunity and after the lockout I did and I finally got to play my 1000th game. But at the end of the day no one is feeling sorry for me so I needed to suck it up and deal with it I guess.”