Buzz: The Rangers Will Ask Wade Redden To Stay At Home (Updates)

8:10PM: Brooks says that the Rangers would only be willing to absorb part of the cap hit for THIS season and not next. He is unsure if that is allowed in the CBA.

8:06PM: Brooks says that the Rangers are willing to retain some portion of Redden’s cap to make a trade but won’t add in any prospects to sweeten the offer.

8:04PM: Brooks says that the Rangers paid Redden a bonus of $1 million and is owed $2.34 million for the rest of this season. If Redden were traded and then bought out over the summer, the actual cost to the team would be $3.55 million. That money wouldn’t be against the cap.

7:59PM:  Larry Brooks tweets that the Rangers have given Redden’s agent Don Meehan permission to speak with NHL teams about Redden.

Adam Rotter: The Rangers concern with Redden is about not having him on the cap for next season. Sitting him out the year and then buying him out accomplishes that. So does trading him and retaining some salary for this year, but none for next year. There are always teams looking for defensemen and I think that if the Rangers and another team are willing to be creative then Redden could be moved.

9:05AM: According to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, the Rangers are planning to ask defenseman Wade Redden to sit out the rest of the season to ensure that he doesn’t get injured and stop the Rangers from using one of their compliance buyouts on him over the summer.

Because of new rules in the CBA, Redden will count against the Rangers cap.

The Rangers had Redden stay home during the lockout, rather than put him on waivers and send him to Hartford, to erase any fear of him getting hurt.

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