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Kind of looks like Mark Sanchez in this interview.

Kirk Michael
Kirk Michael

Im trying not to get over excited but its hard not to. Last year everyone said we would pick clowney or manziel number 1 overall. We go 8-8 and with almost no offense and not just because of talent but obvious a rook Qb and he had to deal with our top wrs and tes off the field thru out the season. I predicted btwn 7-9 and 9-7 so im modest and just because Im a fan doesnt mean Im going to be  crazed fan n predict something crazy but lets break it down position by position and compare to another random team and a team thats a conference threat, the COLTS just as an example to show we have we a shot. This season i have us at 9-7/10-6


QB + Luck to me is already a top 7 qb in the league bt everything weve heard about G is hes been a very good leader and hes caught up with the speed of the game.

Backs - ( Yea t. rich but he hasnt done much since hes been in the league.B shaw proven but alot of miles and his feet are destroyed,  ballard solid player/ Ivory beast hes big fast strong fast and has had a high avg per carry thru career, Powell very consistent and can do alittle of everything blocks in passing situations, runs well between the tackles, Ive noticed he has really good vision and hes just reliable, Cj2k yea yea his knee may not be right but he has a huge chip on his shoulder still has 4.3 speed, can catch out of the backfield n has the ability to the hit the home run play on any given play. N we still have two other backs one will make the team the other wont but he can play ball and he has speed Richardson and that just makes our depth rediculous.

Offensive line - The o line was a very low pt of there team as everyone saw, we have brick,Mang, Colon (top 5 run blocker at position) we lose howard but get a champion a solid starter that may not be the 6-7 solution but he will be good for atleast 3 seasons for us. Winters had his ups and downs, would like us to sign one of the vets out there. 

Wr n TE + What can I say they are one ofppthe most improved units in the league, you got Nicks, Wayne coming back, YA who is very very good and growing a name for himself, fleener only going to get better but doesnt mean we didnt get better with Decker, Amaro, Cumberland getting more experience last season, Kerley being consistent and hopefully not missing those games because G loves throwing him the ball on the 3rd down n period, then we Hill trying to better and develope. shaq evans, wilson,etc.

Defense-  D line/OLB - We have the best front the 3 or front 4. Self explanatory. Mathis for them is big time but still were big big time and young/ versatile,skys the limit loaded with players.

MLB - Harris better the what they have and Demario will have a break out season.

CB- They have Davis great addition but we have depth and I think Idzik and Rex did and extremely great job replacing what we've lost the last two seasons plus.  

- Laron good player alot of stupid penalties but lost Bethea, Ill take our 3 safeties ofcourse the brand new addition the louisville slugger.

All and all If you look at the rosters I think we win 10 games but because of the div and sched, Colts may win 12 because of there div and Luck buts thats not to say we cant beat them in the playoffs. 

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No more "Eric and Jessie"?

I can hardly contain my indifference.