Note: Steve Eminger Is Ready To Get Back To His Pre-Injury Game

Prior to separating his shoulder last December, Steve Eminger was averaging over 13 minutes a night on defense for the Rangers.

Eminger told the Rangers Website that he was happy with his play until he hurt his shoulder and followed that up with a sprained ankle that kept him out until the playoffs, “Things were going pretty well and I was feeling well playing top four, top five minutes and the injury hit and being out for two months and coming back at that part of the season was pretty tough. You do lose a bit of it and just as I was getting back into it I sprained my ankle and that was tough and then coming back in the playoffs was going to be a big challenge.”

Eminger added that following all the injures, “It was tough to be in game shape” but that heading into this season he feels good and has been skating for most of the summer.

Following his shoulder injury last December, John Tortorella said of Eminger “He’s a gamer. He brought some physical play to our back end. He never stands out but he gets in the way and he does a lot of good things for us. We’ll miss him.”

Adam Rotter: You know what you are getting with Eminger at this point in his tenure with the Rangers. He is a hard working defenseman who on occasion can move into the top four but is better served playing on the third pair. He adds depth and familiarity as the team brings back the same defense that they had last year.