Read: What Ryan Callahan is Missing The Most The Right Now

Last week, following a skate up in Rochester, the Democrat and Chronicle caught up with Rangers captain Ryan Callahan who talked about the lockout.

Callahan was asked about the ebb and flow of talks and said, “You try and stay as even keeled as possible. You just gotta keep your sanity about it and keep working.”

He said that he felt one thing missing more than any other, “The biggest thing is you miss competing. I’ve never had a lull like this. You try to get the best skates in that you can and continue to work out in the gym.”

Callahan has been splitting time between NYC and his hometown of Greece, New York with his five and half month old daughter Charlotte.

He has also been skating up in Rochester and spent some time with the hockey team from Nazareth.

During the baseball playoffs, Callahan and Dan Girardi watched and celebrated Raul Ibanez’s walk off home run.