Read: The players didn’t know how to feel yesterday

RangersDuring a pre game chat with John Giannone, Brad Richards described the day by saying “it’s different because Cally has been unbelievable to me here and has become a good friend and teammate…everyone knows my relationship with Marty so…I just hope it works out for both of them. I know Cally is going to a great spot and he will love it down there.”

After the game, Richards said on MSG “It was the first time I had a good friend coming and a good friend leaving which is very bizarre. It’s a weird feeling. You aren’t happy or sad and just sitting there wondering how to react and what to say to Cally. It’s a tough day for him and as an organization we got a great human being, a great leader and a great player so we move on and he will add to this group nicely.

Henrik Lundqvist said after the game, “It was a little bit shocking though there was a lot of talk about Cally. It’s tough to see him leave. He has been a great teammate, friend and player for this team for so many years. In the end this is the way we decided to go as a team. I am really excited about having Marty here, such a skilled player and a great guy too. It’s such a mixed feeling right now, to get to play with a player like that and then see a good friend and teammate leave so…I’m not really sure how to feel right now.”

Ryan McDonagh said on MSG, “I think our group was pretty good about moving past the deadline and being focused. It was kind of the same routine for us. Went about our meetings and just prepared, these are important games for us. We gotta, we can’t make mistakes defensively and with breakdown. We need to work harder to get inside and get those rebounds offensively.

Derek Stepan said “you try to understand that this is the way the business works. It takes some time to grasp a hold of it and it will be a different room for sure. I will miss him. I wish him all the best and we get a player in return and hopefully find a way to win hockey games down the stretch here. We need to focus on that.”

Stepan added that the Rangers leaders rallied the group to focus on the game at hand and trying to get two points.


Richards should have been asked to address his sorry-a$$ forecheck and backcheck on the GW goal last night...

Johnny W
Johnny W

I hope the players all realize that they are all responsible for these events as anyone. They play a sport. They set a value for themselves. They hold to it. This is the result that happens from that. They can hate the owners and hold it against them personally but, in the end, everyone has a hand in players signing and being dealt. Hopefully, the feelings won't interfere with their on ice actions and they'll move past this.