Note: Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi Discuss Which Rangers Would Be Good At Baseball

In a chat inside the Yankees dugout, with the Rangers website, Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi discussed which of their teammates they felt would be good baseball players.

Callahan was asked to name part of a lineup and picked:

  • Catcher: Henrik Lundqvist
  • First Base: Dan Girardi, “I would have to put Dan at first, apparently based on his background.”
  • Second Base: Ryan McDonagh
  • Shortstop: Ryan Callahan, (with a smile) “I would obviously play SS. It’s probably the most athletic position so I would have to put myself there.”
  • Pitcher: Brian Boyle, “he has to have some velocity.”

Bruce Beck, who hosted the press conference at Yankees Stadium, described Girardi as “a power hitting first baseman in his youth” when introducing everyone.

Girardi was then asked to pick three players who would go in a home run derby and said:

  • Dan Girardi, “myself starting off…..obviously.”
  • Ryan McDonagh, “Big Mac, Ryan McDonagh, for sure….there is no doubt.”

Girardi struggles to pick a third before settling on Mats Zuccarello and saying/laughing, “lotta power behind that little body.” At this point both Callahan and Girardi start breaking down laughing.