Read: Michael Del Zotto on His Back and His Contract

On December 11,Michael Del Zotto left his team in Switzerland, the Lakers, and returned to NY/TOR to have a back injury checked out.

Since he returned, Del Zotto has maintained that his injury isn’t serious and that if the season were to start he would be able to play.

Last week, in an interview with Ken Campbell at The Hockey News, Del Zotto continued to say that his injury isn’t serious, “I’m just getting it treated everyday. My health is my number one concern. I enjoyed my six weeks over there but I had to get home and get it checked out by doctors that I trust and am used to dealing with. It’s nothing serious but I just want to make sure I am 100% if the season were to start as soon as possible.

When asked about his contract and situation as an RFA, Del Zotto said “I know that something will get done once the season does start. You think about it but it’s not the number one concern.”

Glen Sather has commented that Del Zotto will “come to his senses” and there have been disputes about how much the Rangers have offered him.

He said that he won’t make a decision on returning to Switzerland until he is 100% and has more clarity on the CBA situation.

Del Zotto spent some of his time before going to Switzerland working at a Toronto area supermarket.