Read: Marty Biron is Henrik Lundqvist’s Therapist

Marty Biron Broadway HatAfter Henrik Lundqvist was nominated for his fifth Vezina Trophy, backup goalie Marty Biron spoke about his goalie partner at the Rangers website.

Biron said that he and Lundqvist have a close relationship that has evolved over the three-years that they have been together and that he sometimes plays the role of therapist for Lundqvist, “Sometimes on the plane we are getting ready to watch our video, we sit down next to each other and he just wants to talk about the game. I give him my two cents but we just talk. If he doesn’t then we don’t. He has been great to me as well, just by watching him, by being with him every day. That relationship between goaltenders is not like any other in sport, you have to be able to work off of one another.”

Lundqvist told the NY Post that talking with Biron helps a lot because Marty understands him.

Lundqvist told that he has started to focus much more on his own game and the things that he can control and not worry as much about the team in front of him.

Biron added that seeing Lundqvist win the Vezina in 2012 was one of the proudest moments of his own career and that seeing him rewarded