Note: John Tortorella Didn’t Know Marian Gaborik Was Hurt This Bad

It was revealed on Friday that Marian Gaborik will undergo shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum and need six months to recover.

Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that Gaborik had an MRI on Tuesday that revealed this injury.

On Wednesday, John Tortorella went on the Michael Kay show and said “Gabby wasn’t benched because he didn’t block a shot, he just wasn’t playing well. He needs to learn, along with a number of guys, that when you get to the conference finals you need to get it to another level. I don’t think he was able to, I don’t think Brad did. The entire team didn’t. I think it’s a tremendous lesson for us if we get that chance again.”

Brooks wrote yesterday that it was wrong for Tortorella to go on the radio and not admit that Gaborik was hurt and instead make the kind of comments that are above.

Gaborik said on Friday that he had no power in his shot.

On Hockey Night in Canada last night, former Ranger Glenn Healy said of the situation “Gaborik has to have shoulder surgery and he hurt it in game four against Ottawa and everyone is all over Tortorella because he was critical of him but Tortorella is not a mobile MRI machine that is able to resonance imaging to be able to see what is wrong with Gaborik, it was only in the exit medical that they found out that this problem existed and Tortorella didn’t know about it. They knew there was a small issue, but not as big as what Gaborik is going through now.”