Buzz: The Rangers Have A List Of Eight Teams That Marian Gaborik Would Accept a Trade To/He Won’t Ask For A Trade

According to Craig Custance at ESPN Insider, Marian Gaborik’s no-trade clause allows him to designate eight teams that he would accept a trade to.

That list is submitted before the season starts and it was before this season as well.

Gaborik has one more year left on his deal and his agent, Tobin Wright, told Custance that Gaborik is a “team guy” and won’t ask for a trade.

Custance spoke with a GM who said that if the Rangers find a trading partner for Gaborik, it will be tough, the Rangers should expect to take on some salary in return. The GM says that a trade including Gaborik could include another high priced player coming back in return.

There have been rumblings about the Rangers potentially looking to move Gaborik.