Note: Jeff Halpern Doesn’t Hate Brad Richards Anymore

On February 26, 2008 the Tampa Bay Lightning traded Brad Richards as part of a package to Dallas and in return Tampa received a package of players that included Jeff Halpern.

From 2000 to 2006 though, Halpern and Richards were division rivals with Halpern in Washington and Richards in Tampa.

They played against each other 31 times in that stretch and Halpern told Blueshirts United “You learn to hate guys like that, but as soon as you walk into a hockey locker room the past is in the past and it’s pretty easy to get on board.”

Six of those games came in the 2003 playoffs when Halpern and Washington won the first two games of the series and dropped the next four.

Halpern has said that he is looking forward to playing under John Tortorella.