Mailbag: How Much Are They Going To Miss Brandon Prust?

Craig: I don’t see how Asham, Pyatt or Haley can replace what Prust brought to this team. Everyone loved him, he busted his ass and he was always game to fight, especially against the Flyers and Devils.

Prust signed a four year deal with the Canadaiens worth $10 million.

80% of readers said that the Rangers made the right move by not matching that offer.

Brian Boyle told Blueshirts United that losing Prust will be tough, but part of hockey “We’re going to miss him. But this is a business and he had to do what was right for his future. Now it’s going to be a great battle going head to head against him when we play Montreal.”

John Tortorella said of Prust, “we will miss him. He is a glue guy and became a big part of the locker room. Everyone in the room liked him and he loved it here. You try and keep your teams together but it’s impossible. I think Pruster was trying to be fair, but god, he gets $10 million over $4 years and promised some things by their organization and I am leery of that, and I told him that.”

Adam Rotter: The Rangers are going to miss Prust as much as a team can miss a bottom six player. He embodied everything that was good about this team, played through pain and never took a shift off. He was a key penalty killer for the Rangers and a good forechecker but that is a role that Carl Hagelin could start to assume this season. If the Rangers didn’t think they could go on without Prust they would have re-signed him at any cost. They feel they brought in a guy like Asham, at a good value, who can replicate many of the things that Prust did on the ice.