Read: The Kind Of Guy That Brad Richards Is Off The Ice

At, Katie Strang wrote an article about Brad Richards and how throughout his career he has always been as big of a star off the ice as much as he has been on the ice.

An employee of the Lightning told “If there was a kid in the Tampa Bay area that was diagnosed with cancer, he knew their family. It was unbelievable.”

Holly Wade, whose son Daniel had a brain tumor, spoke glowingly of Richards “Hockey players can get a bad rap. People say, ‘Oh, they’re all 5-8, missing their front teeth and all they do is fight,’ but Brad was by far the most genuine, warm and caring individual that I’ve ever come across in any professional athlete.”

Wade’s son Daniel had a brain tumor but Richards was insistent on him coming to a game, which he did against the Flyers in the playoffs, and Wade has stayed in touch with Richards even after Daniel passed away in 2006.

In December of 2oo5, Wade told the SP Times, “He’s one of the warmest, most caring people I’ve ever met. I’d adopt him in a heartbeat.”

A friend of Richards’ from Tampa told Joe O’Neill ““Richy’s got everything under the sun; he’s incredibly blessed. But there’s not one ounce of ego. A great guy who really does care about others.””

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