Recap: Larry Brooks Discusses John Tortorella and Alain Vigneault

TortorellaLarry Brooks spoke with TSN about his past with John Tortorella and what things are like now with Alain Vigneault:

  •  What was the press conference prior to the game against the Rangers like compared to the ones in New York, “It was a kinder and gentler Tortorella. It also, as he pointed out, was the preseason John Tortorella, but we will see what happens when it counts.”
  • Can Torts be like this for a full year, “He has many many more good days than bad days, it’s just that the bad days make news. Yea, I can envision a serene John Tortorella some of the time, not all of the time, but I think he will make a real effort to change his image as it has been represented in his dealings with the media. He is going to attempt to change the dynamic.”

  • You won’t be surprised if he blows up though if things aren’t going well, “I would be disappointed if the other side of Torts doesn’t come out. Isn’t that what other people are waiting for.”
  • Was there a hatchet that needed to be buried between you two, “there was no hatchet that needed to be buried. He and I have gotten along pretty, well, really well actually away from the rink. We have known each other for a long time, since he was an assistant in New York in 2000. We have had many more good days than bad days together but again, it’s the bad days that make news. There was no hatchet that needed to be buried. We caught up for a little while, said hello and wished each other well. I’m sure it was sincere because he has a lot to offer and we are inextricably linked for all time. The two of us know our relationship far better than anyone else and I think he is fine with it and I am fine with it.”
  • On Alain Vigneault, “It’s hard to tell because it’s been a few weeks, they have been on the road and traveling. It’s been a hurry up process for him to acclimate himself to the team and vice versa. He has been courteous and forthcoming with us but there has been very little time.”
  • On the change to AV, “Rangers were ready for a change, there is no doubt about it. The dynamic had broken down between Tortorella and the team and they needed a different voice. They are very happy with the change, but it remains to be seen how well they play. They have a clean slate but success isn’t guaranteed and they have to earn it.

Brooks said previously that he wished Tortorella the best in Vancouver.

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