Recap: John Tortorella’s Post Game Comments

  • On the Bruins, “They have a deep team. It can’t be an excuse.”
  • “I thought we were slow in the series as far as this is a different team than Washington. I don’t think we got to the level we needed to, I think they are a deeper team than we are and we needed to play at a deeper level. We needed to get a number of things from a number of players more consistently. I watched our guys fight tonight to try and extend the series. We get it on Callahan’s stick with an opportunity to tie it. They deserve to win. They were the better team.”

  • On injuries, “We were fortunate where we didn’t have the injuries. I’m not gonna use it as an excuse, but I’ll say that we didn’t have our Lucic in Clowe or our Chara in Staal. Those are two pretty big players for us. We need to try and find a way, all teams go through us and I am not using it as an excuse, but it hurt us. It hurt our depth and put people in situations that I don’t think those players are quite ready to handle yet.”
  • “They got a lot of offense from their back end. Krug led the way. It’s funny how it works.”
  • “I think this season we struggled to get our personality, our identity. I think it helped when we made the deals at the deadline. I watched Brassard in the last game try to take over which is really encouraging. I think that deal helped us, I just don’t think we are stiff enough. I think we tried, there was never a lack of effort with the club. I think there was a lack of awareness of how high you need to be with the level of play in the second round. As we went on I think we got better, but I still think…we are out and they are in.”
  • On Dorsett, “I try to use my bench the best I can. I think he will be a really good player for us. I’d rather have him at that level of not being able to control himself than a couple of other players that I can’t get them too a level. It’s easier to tame a player than to build a player up. I think he will be an effective player for us moving forward.”
  • On training camp, “I think all teams missed their training camp. With ours, it’s a rigorous camp and I think we spend a lot of time building a mindset with it. NO one else had it either, it’s not an excuse, I think we just need to build in some spots and I think we will get to the identity we want to get to
  • On the Bruins, “they are a good team and very well coached.”
  • “I don’t compare it to last year. With expectations, you go to the ECF and the next step is to go to the Stanley Cup Final, but we are a different team. You may not like it or think it’s an excuse, but we are a different team. We are still one of the top eight teams who get to play. We have gotten to play 30 playoff games in the past two years, some teams would lick their chops to do that. You are always looking for that end goal and the responsibility falls on me. One of the big things in this series, and it falls on me it’s a big part of my job, is that I couldn’t get my top players to play consistently. I need to take some responsibility to try and get them into spots to help us here. I thought that hurt us a bit.