Read: Were The Rangers Overachievers Under John Tortorella?

John TortorellaBack in May, on TSN Radio, Bob McKenzie made an interesting point about the Rangers and John Tortorella.

He wondered if the Rangers overachieved under Tortorella and if he “pushed and whipped them” to be even better than they were in getting to the conference  in getting to the conference finals in 2012 and the second round this year.

McKenzie  said that we will find out how much of the Rangers success was from Tortorella when the next coach comes in.

At The Sporting News, Jesse Spector writes that the Rangers overachieved in 2011-12 based on a record of 21-5-7 in one goal games, health and only took first place because Sidney Crosby played in just 22 games.

In the spring of 2012, while in first place in the Eastern Conference, Tortorella said that the Rangers had overachieved in many areas.

Adam Rotter: Following the 2010-11 season where the Rangers made the playoffs thanks to Tampa Bay beating Carolina, I would have thought that the 11-12 season would be like how the 2013 season turned out (sixth place and a second round loss) and 2013 would have turned out like 11-12 did (Atlantic Champs, first in Conference, Eastern Conference Finals loss). It’s not impossible to think that Tortorella helped 11-12 team overachieve and then caused the 2013 team to, in the eyes of many, underachieve. Tortorella or not, the biggest reason for the Rangers successes over the last few years, and really since the 2004 lockout has been Henrik Lundqvist and he is still around.