Read: The Players On John Tortorella Getting A Jack Adams Nomination

Brad Richards said yesterday, “It’s a great honor for him. He has been working with the organization the last three years to try and build something. 51 wins this year, it’s just a testament to the organization and the players who have bought in.”

Richards added, in comparing Tortorella to his time in Tampa Bay, “the details and the structure are all the same. How the day to day is ran, the accountability issues and the details of the game, all of that is identical. He isn’t going to change his ways too much.

Chris Kreider said that he is an “awesome coach and wants to win as much as anyone I have ever met.” Kreider adds that he is truthful and blunt with his assessments of players and that “he is honest with everyone and I don’t think anything is ever personal. He just wants to win.”

Henrik Lundqvist said of Tortorella, “he has been great for us. He brings a lot of passion to this team and when you play 3 or 4 times a week, you need a coach with that kind of passion. He will challenge you, but in a good way. You need to be challenged as a player and I think you know what to expect. He is pretty honest about everything but I think it’s well deserving.”

Marian Gaborik said at ESPNNY, “When he became the coach, he gave us a system and everyone seems to be buying into it right now. He’s very demanding — he tries to squeeze the maximum out of his players — and it has seemed to work. Especially this year.”

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