Read: The Media Seem Pleased That John Tortorella Was Fired

TortorellaOn Sportsnet, Doug MacLean and John Garrett said of Tortorella:

MacLean said that Tortorella’s personality issues caught up to him, “we all have our fights with the media, our fights with the players but it’s about how you do it. It caught up in that, post game press conferences became hard to take. With his players he became hard to take. When you start calling out individual players, saying that they stink, it doesn’t go over well in the dressing room. I know he has won a Stanley Cup. I know he has had decent success in the NHL but I am sorry, eventually you pay a price and he did today.

John Garrett said, “it’s about time. I haven’t heard too many negative comments about John Tortorella going. It’s not just the media, the players, the players in Tampa, the people he worked with in Tampa and now New York, it was just time.

Garret added, “When you bring in star players, and with the Rangers it’s open the wallet and lets go. Let’s try to buy a championship like we did in 1994. You bring in Nash, Gaborik, Richards, you want them to be the stars. You want them to score 40 goals a year EVERY YEAR. And yet who is the star of the team, who is the guy that wants his face to be out front, it’s the coach! You know what the players are saying, that coach, who thinks he is a star can come in here and kiss our butts.”

At Backhand Shelf, Dave Lozo wrote about his time as a reporter with Tortorella.

When asked if Tortorella would ever get another job in hockey, Garret said “there are enough fools out there that eventually he will get another job.”

MacLean said, “he probably will get another chance, I don’t know why, but I think he will.”

At Yahoo, Nick Cotsonika writes that Tortorella chose to represent himself as a bully and his tactics with reporters, players and “goodness knows who else” are why there are lot of people piling on after he was fired.

 It’s like the bully on the playground just got his comeuppance, and suddenly the schoolkids are unafraid to express what they really feel as he sniffs and wipes the blood off his nose. It’s even sweeter that general manager Glen Sather said Tortorella was “a little bit shocked.” What a punch to the gut it must have been.

He adds though that being a bully didn’t cost him his job and that as soon as another team wants to hire a bully, he will get another shot.

Cotsonika writes that when Glen Sather says the wants to hire a coach who has a mix of attributes, “class” better be one of them.

At Sportsnet, Michael Grange writes that he has dealt with a lot from coaches in his career as a reporter but nothing was as bad as John Tortorella in the Rangers series against Ottawa in 2012.

He blasts Tortorella for not being kind to the media, being a bully and hiding behind a Stanley Cup ring that allows him to be who he is, “Tortorella has his Stanley Cup ring from Tampa Bay as his armour against criticism, but then again a lot of squirrels find nuts.”

Tortorella constantly drew anger from members of the Canadian media.

Ryan Lambert, at Puck Daddy, writes about the media reaction to John Tortorella being fired.