Read: John Tortorella Was One Of The Most Controversial Figures In Hockey In 2012

At Puck Daddy, John Tortorella cracks the list of people in hockey who created the most controversy in 2012.

He is ranked sixth behind Shane Doan, Don Fehr, Raffi Torres, Tim Thomas and Gary Bettman.

Tortorella was fined 30K after the Winter Classic for “joking” that NBC got together with the refs to make the end of the Winter Classic more interesting.

He was also fined 20K for saying the Penguins were an arrogant organization.

Tortorella was accused of expressing “subhuman behavior” during his press conferences in the first round.

THIS SECTION has more on Tortorella, his actions during the playoffs and how the media responded.

56% of readers said that they don’t care about Tortorella’s actions with the media and just want him to win games and 41% said that his actions don’t bother them.