Read: John Tortorella On Young Players, Being Fired, Media

John TortorellaJohn Tortorella is doing a youtube chat with the Canucks website and was asked questions from both season ticket holders and twitter.

When asked if he wanted to return to coaching right away, Tortorella said that when you get fired you “you crawl into a hole…… I did and you reassess. I couldn’t be more excited to be here.”

On younger players, “that is one of the things I am most proud of in NY. We changed the culture there regarding signing free agents all the time, bringing all the players. We moved to youth, we moved to our farm team and bringing them in there. It’s a must and you need to build from within. You look at Stepan and Hagelin and how they turned into big pieces and I am anxious for that to happen.”

On the media, “I am going to cultivate a relationship with the media here. I want this to work. I come with some baggage and I won’t hide from it. I have made mistakes, but I am compelled to make it work and to work together.”

On his job, “my job is to push athletes to positions and levels that they didn’t think they could get to.”