Read: John Tortorella On His Failure In NY/He Has Spoken With Alain Vigneault

John TortorellaDuring his press conference today in Vancouver, John Tortorella was asked about what he considers to be a failure of his time in NY.

Tortorella said that he was proud of a lot that happened with the Rangers and that he was able to change the culture from a place of a free agent haven into a place that went with kids. He said that the kids were able to produce and that each year you could see the organization build.

He added, “the organization didn’t want me to finish the job and every coach wants to finish the job.That is my failure.”

Tortorella once again spoke about how he didn’t think he prepared the Rangers well enough for their second round match up against the Bruins. He thought that the Rangers could take advantage of the Bruins after their emotional game seven and that he didn’t prepare them well enough to understand how to play in the second round.

On the coaching trade and speaking with Alain, “We have talked for two weeks, every other day. Mike does HW. I talked to Alain about the situation here. I think he is a hell of a coach and will do a great job in NY. It is a little bizarre but I can speak for myself, at this stage of my career, to have this opportunity, I am pinching myself.”

Tortorella’s contract is for five-years with the Canucks.

On his dealings with the media, “I’m a human being. I don’t blame anyone, I make my own bed. I think I am a pretty good coach and this is the mess I have put myself into and the mess I need to take myself out of. It’s very important, especially here, to know what that situation is. I am not going to put the organization into a difficult spot. I would like to rectify that.”

On why he snaps, “because I hate losing. I can’t stand it. If you are a good loser you are a loser. I certainly put people into the situations I have put in. Especially this year, I put a few players in certain situations that I shouldn’t have.”

Tortorella said that he does expect the Sedins to block shots and praises their ability to make something out of nothing. “Do I expect to turn them into a Ryan Callahan, no I do not but they need to play proper defense.”

On young players, “I think it’s a must. When the young players come to you and you start putting them through the process, they need to go through the process, and you need to make decisions about whether a guy can stick. In a cap world, I love the kids. We are talking about playing with more bite and stiffness and that is where youth helps you.”


“I love NY, it’s a great city and I will be back there. I was fortunate to coach there with that organization.”

“No coach doesn’t want more offense, but if it’s not coming off the rush you need to find other ways.”