Read: John Tortorella Admits His Relationship With Brad Richards Is Damaged/Over

Tortorella 24/7James Duthie of TSN interviewed John Tortorella and Duthie said that when Tortorella was at TSN there wasn’t a player that he liked or respected more than Brad Richards.

While Duthie was setting up the question Tortorella said “yes” and then Duthie asked if the two had spoken and Tortorella responded quickly with a “no.”

When asked if he thought the relationship was damaged, Tortorella said “…….yea…that’s all ill go.”

Duthie asked if losing the relationship hurt and Tortorella said, “it kills me. It kills me. That kid there, I grew up with him. I learned a lot from him in Tampa. We grew up together. I don’t know where it went….see, now you got me talking about it, but yea, it’s been damaged. That is a regret, it’s a big one. When the game is done, relationships are all you have left and that is very important to me. Yea, that is a tough one for me.”

THIS SECTION has all of the Tortorella/Richards talk from the playoffs including Tortorella saying that he loves Richards.

Brad Richards said early during training camp that he reached out to Tortorella.