Recap: Marty St. Louis’ comments today

Marty St. Louis 1Marty St. Louis met with the media today in Tampa to talk about his return tomorrow (TBL):

  • On being back, “walking into the rink you see the familiar faces and people who took really good care of me. You say hello, you go past the dressing room and not make a left. You move on. I think it will be special tomorrow to play here. It was 13-14 great years. I look back at it, I grew up here pretty much, as a pro, to come back here and play it will be special. I know sometimes people aren’t happy with the decisions that you make but I know that I can look in the mirror and know that I gave my heart and soul to this franchise for 14 years. I am really happy with where I am now, the family is settled in. It has been a great transition for everybody.”

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Buzz: There has been some contract talks with the Rangers and Marty St. Louis

Marty St. LouisThe Rangers and the agent for Marty St. Louis have had “regular contact” about a contract extension though this is the kind of deal that might have to wait until there is a clearer picture on next year’s salary cap. (ESPN Insider)

Craig Custance wonders if St. Louis is at a point in his career where he is willing to sign one-year deals that have bonuses that can be rolled over to the following year’s cap.(ESPN Insider)

  • Jarome Iginla signed a deal worth $6 million last year but had a cap hit of $1.8 million and $4.2 million in achievable bonuses. (Cap Geek)
  • This season the Bruins, because of Iginla and some others, have $4.7 million in bonus carryover money on their cap. (Cap Geek)

Custance ranks him as the top UFA for 2015. (ESPN Insider)

St. Louis is a UFA at the end of the season but has indicated that he wants to continue playing.

Read: Marty St. Louis has had a solid November

Marty St. LouisMarty St. Louis has seven goals and four assists in 11 games in November.

The Rangers game notes said that Marty is tied for second in the league in goals since November 3rd and sixth in points.

Asked what has been going well for St. Louis, Joe Micheletti said that playing on the wing makes all the difference and that his overall game has been “great.”

Dave Maloney said that St. Louis has been putting in a lot of hard work and gotten rewarded for it.

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Read: Marty St. Louis only knows how to be intense

Marty St. Louis11/25/14 | 10:12AM: Derek Stepan said that St. Louis demands that players raise their level and he depends on that if you are skating on a line with him. Stepan said that St. Louis is always talking about the game and he expects players to keep up with him. (NY Post)

11/21/14 | 6:36PM: In talking about Marty St. Louis, Derick Brassard said that Marty is very demanding of his teammates and linemates on the ice. (NY Post)

St. Louis said that he knows he is demanding and expects a lot but “that’s the only way to be.” (NY Post)

  • For more on how Marty works with his teammates, click HERE, HERE and HERE.

St. Louis said that he feels comfortable as a Ranger and no longer feels as if he is trying to be perfect on the ice. He said that trying to be perfect when he first got to the Rangers was counter productive. (NY Post)

He has points in three straight games and 9 in 10 games in November.

Read: Marty St. Louis on the effort and having to “live” with tonight’s game

RANGERS010:16PM: Alain Vigneault said on MSG, “other than the start to the first two periods, everything in between was just a total disaster. Turnovers and, we made it easy on the opposition for their breakouts and everything in between.”

9:57PM: Henrik Lundqvist was asked if he was concerned with the lack of consistency and said, “yea….I am concerned but we just have to keep talking about it in practice, staying positive and believing in each other. We know that it’s there, we have showed it, but to be in the race and on the right side of where you want to be you have to be consistent, you can’t have one good one and one bad one. We all want to win, we want to work hard and do the right thing but if we don’t do it together it’s a tough game.”

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Recap: Marty St. Louis on playing against Tampa Bay

Marty St. Louis6:36PM: St. Louis spoke with John Giannone and said:

  • How do you feel, “I look at everyone on the ice, it’s a lot of guys that I spent a lot of time with on and off the ice but I am here to play hockey and I will try to establish that early on.”
  • Is it just another game, “I want it to be just another game. I don’t want to focus on me playing them, I want to focus on playing the game.”
  • On defending Steven Stamkos, “just establishing our game and dictating the pace and how we want to play.

12:52PM: Marty St. Louis met with the media today following the Rangers morning skate to discuss his first game against Tampa Bay since being traded (TBL)

  • “That first time you play them, it’s a little weird but once you get past the first shift you just play the game. I am not too worried about it. There are great friends on the other side but there have been a lot of changes there so it’s not like…lots of guy that I don’t know too. I will just go out and play my game. I might have some butterflies early on but you go out and play and they go away.”

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