Recap: Marty St. Louis on TSN Radio in Vancouver and Edmonton (On Torts, staying with the Rangers, losing teeth, Advanced Stats)

Marty St. Louis9/11/14 | 6:39PM: Marty St. Louis was a guest on TSN 1040 Vancouver yesterday as well as TSN1260 Edmonton:

TSN 1040:

  •  “when you are young you dream about the NHL and once you get there you start to understand what is possible and to set your goals high. For me it was a progression. I set goals every year and they get higher and higher and I have been happy I have been able to maintain the level I have been at. I just wanted to play in the league. I had a chance to win a cup, a scoring title and these aren’t things that you dream about, you dream about getting a jersey and just playing in the league.”
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Henrik Lundqvist Marty St. Louis

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9/12/14 | 2:56PM: Ryan McDonagh says that St. Louis is always pulling guys aside to ask what they are doing, what they are seeing, what he is saying and to get on the same page. McDonagh says that St. Louis feels that this will help the execution be better. (TSN)

8/16/14 | 6:34PM: When Marty St. Louis was acquired by the Ranger he said that he anticipated a tough transition and not only would he have to get used to his new teammates and their habits, his new teammates were going to have to get used to him and his habits.

St. Louis said on March 7th that he wants input from the players he is skating with on how they see the ice.(MSG)

He said, “If you understand your players you will be able to react quicker on the ice. You gotta try and get inside their head, how they think the game, not everyone sees the game the same way. (MSG)

St. Louis added, “the quicker you can do that you can turn a scoring chance into a Grade A scoring chance and those Grade A scoring chances into goals…. that is a process.” (MSG)

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Recap: Marty St. Louis on TSN Radio in Winnipeg and Ottawa (On Henrik Lundqvist, the playoffs, motivation,

Marty St. Louis 1Marty St. Louis was a guest on TSN 1290 Winnipeg yesterday as well as TSN1200 Ottawa:


  • On being the NHL’s poster boy for dental care, “I guess. I’m excited to be partnered with Crest and the toothpaste helps prevent tooth sensitivity. Us as hockey players, we can certainly have our issues with a stick in the mouth and pucks but this is for if you bite into ice cream or drink your coffee. I’ve been in Toronto shooting stuff, me and my wife did it. I have never done before with my wife. She was a star because she has great teeth and a great smile and I was kind of in the background which was good.”

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Marty St. Louis

Recap: Marty St. Louis on TSN Radio 690 in Montreal (On AV, losing Brad Richards and maybe playing for MTL)

Marty St. Louis joined TSN Radio 690 in Montreal today:

  • How did this run with the Rangers measure up, “Everything but the trophy at the end. We had some tough series early on, some game seven and we were able to finish Montreal in six and move on to LA. That LA series didn’t feel like a five game series, it felt like a seven game series with the OT games. Not to take anything away from LA, they played really well but two double OT games, the bounce of the puck can go either way. It was a little disappointing that way but coming from Tampa to NY, I was envisioning nothing but that, Stanley Cup Final. It was exciting to have that opportunity to battle for the Cup and I am looking forward to getting my first training camp in New York underway and trying to get after the big trophy again.”

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