Stats: How Marty St. Louis is performing at center

Marty St. LouisThrough three games at center, Marty St. Louis has 3 assists, a plus  5 rating, 3 shots on goal, an average of 17:40 of ice time and is 18 and 18 on faceoffs.

In each game, St. Louis’ faceoff numbers were:

  • St. Louis: 4 wins, 7 losses. 1 for 6 in the offensive zone, 1 for 2 in the defensive zone, 2 for 3 in the neutral zone.
  • Columbus: 6 wins, 9 losses. 2 and 3 in the offensive zone, 0-4 in the defensive zone, 4 for 6 in the neutral zone.
  • Toronto:  8 wins, 2 losses. St. Louis was 1 for 1 in the offensive zone, 2 for 2 in the defensive zone and 5 for 7 in the neutral zone

After the game against St. Louis, Brian Leetch said on MSG that St. Louis has to make slight adjustments on the ice by moving to center but he is smart enough to be in the right spots positionally.

Rick Nash said on Friday that he thought Marty looked “really good” at center against St. Louis. He added, “it’s pretty impressive what he is doing.” (NYR)

When St. Louis is on the ice at 5 on 5, the Rangers control 54.8% of the shot attempts. (PA)

St. Louis has started 41.9% of his shifts in the offensive zone, 41.9% in the defensive zone and 16.3% in the defensive zone. (PA)

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Recap: Marty St. Louis on ESPN Radio last night

Marty St. LouisMarty St. Louis joined Michael Kay and Ryan Ruocco last night at 6:30PM on ESPN Radio (ESPN NY):

  • Do you practice that behind the back pass, “no, no. It’s a total feel. It’s funny because the puck hit the glass and I felt that it never left the zone and I looked up and I didn’t know where it was and I look at Nasher and he is pointing to where it is so I go to where I think he pointed and it landed on my stick and I knew where Nasher was and he went to the area and put the puck in.”

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Marty St. Louis

Read: Marty St. Louis is glad to be starting from scratch this season

Marty St. Louis said recently that he is excited to be with the Rangers from the start of the season and be part of their progress and development as a team. (Lohud, via Soundcloud)

He said that when he was acquired last year things were “figured out” and he didn’t want to disrupt anything that had already had been worked on. Marty said that at times he felt he was on his heels instead of his toes and that he needs to be on his toes. (Lohud, via Soundcloud)

Asked about last season and his mindset for this year, St. Louis said, “it’s time to realize what we could have done better and go after it. It’s not time to feel sorry for ourselves, enjoy the game. With what I have gone through personally in the last few months, I look at life a little differently and trying to enjoy every minute of it. I like the attitude of the guys, we are upbeat but I don’t think anybody feels sorry for us, we are hungry and the only thing we want this time is a different result.”  (Lohud, via Soundcloud)

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Read: Marty St. Louis is the best option to center the top line right now

Marty St. LouisAt practice yesterday, Marty St. Louis skated between Chris Kreider and Rick Nash and Alain Vigneault said that in his mind, St. Louis is the best option the Rangers have for centering the top line.

St. Louis spoke yesterday about playing center and said, “there are areas that are different but when we have the puck I play the way I know how to play. When we don’t have the puck it’s a little different so I need to take the right angles and be a bit more patient cause I tend to be a go-go kind of player. As a center you need to be patient and make reads about when you can and can’t go. It’s an adjustment for me but it’s something I am welcoming. I have killed penalties and been on the PP and been in many different situations, if I can add that to my resume it would be pretty cool.” (NYR)

He added that timing and strength are two factors when it comes to faceoffs but that the key is to not lose them clean and allow his wingers to help get the puck to gain possession. (NYR)

Derick Brassard said, “he has good hockey sense, a lot of experience so I think it will be an experience for him and our team. He never really took faceoffs so we will try to practice as much as we can and go from there.”  (NYR)

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Stats/Read: Marty St. Louis at center last night *Updates*

Marty St. Louis Broadway Hat2:15PM: Alain Vigneault said today (NYR) “Marty’s decision as far as playing in the middle will come as far as how tonight works out. We have decisions to make and then we need to figure out our lineup. Maybe he will start there, I didn’t think he looked out of place and I talked to him briefly this morning and he said that he felt fine. We will see how tonight unfolds and then make decisions.”

10/4/14 | 9:39AM: At center last night, Marty St. Louis had a goal, 2 shots on goal, 1 shot that was blocked, 2 that missed the net and had 6 faceoff wins and 7 losses in 14:05 of ice time.

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Marty St. Louis

Read: Marty St. Louis is basically a player/coach

6:45PM: Dave Maloney said on the MSG practice show, “this is the way that it’s supposed to work. I think St. Louis has had a tremendous impact in the short amount of time he has been here. “

10/2/14 4:18PM: On MSG on Monday, Joe Micheletti told a story he heard about Marty St. Louis and Danny Kristo from last week.

Joe said that Marty “went back on the ice, 45 minutes after practice, and took Danny Kristo on the ice with him, just the two of them, and showed him where to position, where to put his stick around the front of the net, how to find the open areas.”

Joe added, “that is the kind of leader that Marty St. Louis is.

Kristo said that Marty has taken him under his wing and that he was given some helpful tips about shooting quicker and where to have his hands positioned on the stick when he is around the net. (MSG)

Sam Rosen likened Marty to being a player/coach.

MSG also showed St. Louis talking with Anthony Duclair after a puck rolled off his stick and John Giannone mentioned how Marty, not an assistant coach, went over to talk with JT Miller after a turnover.

St. Louis, who has been wearing an “A” during the preseason, said that you don’t need a letter to be a leader.

Read: Marty St. Louis will get a shot at center this weekend (Updates)

Marty St. Louis8:06PM: St. Louis said today that he is confident he can be comfortable playing center, understands his responsibilities defensively and that he is going to work on his faceoffs. He added that the most important thing is no losing a faceoff clean. (NY Post)

5:51PM: Asked about Marty at center, Alain Vigneault said today “yesterday, when we talked about it quickly, he said that the biggest challenge would be on faceoffs just because of the way that we play, winger or center, he has been spending time with Dom and other guys and he will try. I have no issues trying him in the offensive zone or neutral zone, in our end it might be a little different but we will see what he can do. Winning draws is also about getting help from wingers and D and we will see how he responds tomorrow and go from there.” (NYR)

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