Read: The chip on Marty St. Louis’ shoulder

Marty St. Louis Stanley Cup Picture PuzzleElliotte Friedman writes that in 2004 he did a feature with Marty St. Louis, on the day that he had the Stanley Cup, and talked about how important it was to Marty to score the game winner in game six in 2004 that prevented Calgary from winning the Cup on home ice. (CBC)

This was important to St. Louis because Calgary gave up on him in 2000 and Friedman writes, “It was at that moment I realized the size of the chip on his shoulder, a motivation that’s made him who he is. He never forgets.”(CBC)

Friedman adds that St. Louis being added to the Olympic team doesn’t change the fact that he was passed over at first and only adds to the chip on his shoulder. (CBC)

Dan Boyle said that he and Marty St. Louis have led similar careers and talk about them being old or not good enough will only light a fire under both of them.

Read: Marty St. Louis is a big reason why Dan Boyle signed with the Rangers

7/17/14 | 3:23PM: Asked about Marty, Boyle said “Marty and I are cut from the same cloth. We have similar backgrounds and our parents were friends in Tampa. We had gone through a lot of the same situations, being undrafted and overlooked and we both have a chip on our shoulder and reuniting with him was part of that also.” (Rangers)

He added, “when you win, you are just inseparable for the rest of your life and the bonds don’t break. Marty and I are cut from the same cloth and we are very similar in how we approach the game. He is a special player.” (Rangers)

7/16/14 | 11:15AM: Dan Boyle said Marty St. Louis was a big factor in turning down more money and more years to sign with the Rangers.

Boyle and St. Louis were teammates in Tampa Bay from 2001 to 2008.

From 2005-06 to 2007-08, the only data that was available, the two combined for 40 points, 22 of which were on the PP and Boyle had the primary assist on 11 goals for St. Louis. (HR)

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Read: Tampa goalie Ben Bishop on how his team felt about the Marty St. Louis trade

Tampa Bay goalie Ben Bishop was on TSN Drive with Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge on May 7th and asked him about the situation surrounding the Marty St. Louis trade earlier this season.

Bishop said that the situation was “unfortunate” but Marty wasn’t happy with how the Olympics “went down” and wanted to move on.

Bishop adds, “you can’t argue with the guy. He has done enough for this organization and this team to where I think he had the right to kind of call what he wanted….It was more shock, we are sitting and watching, we knew Marty was upset and you think there is no way he is actually gonna leave and then when it actually went down I think everyone was in shock. It was shock but it was what he wanted and then it was relief.”

Former Tampa Bay GM Jay Feaster said that it hurt to see St. Louis leave Tampa Bay.

Read: Former Tampa Bay GM Jay Feaster on Marty St. Louis not being in Tampa anymore

Former Tampa Bay GM Jay Feaster re-joined the organization recently in a role to help grow the game in Tampa Bay.

Feaster said that returning to Tampa Bay and not having Marty St. Louis, or Vinny Lecavalier, around “hurts” since they were the last links to the Stanley Cup winning team. (Tampa

Feaster said that he called St. Louis on the day he was traded and said that he will always support him but added that if the idea of leaving Tampa was something he was thinking about, he probably should have stayed as an alternate captain rather than take over as captain. (Tampa

He adds that as far back as 2008, St. Louis told him that he didn’t like missing his son’s hockey games as they traveled out of Tampa and all over. (Tampa

Feaster was part of the Tampa organization when they signed St. Louis as a free agent in 2000.

News: Marty St. Louis doesn’t win Lady Byng Trophy

Marty St. LouisRyan O’Reilly won the 2014 Lady Byng Trophy with 1181 total points and 110 first place votes with 5 second place votes, 8 third place votes, 1 fourth place vote and 5 fifth place votes.

The Lady Byng Memorial Trophy is awarded “to the player adjudged to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability”

Marty St. Louis was nominated for the award and finished second with 358 total points and 4 first place votes, 20 second place votes, 27 third place votes, 11 fourth place votes and 10 fifth place votes.

St. Louis won the award in 2013, 2011, 2010 and was runner up to Pavel Datsyuk in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The winner of the award gets $150,000, the runner up gets $100,000 and third place gets $50,000.

Read: Marty St. Louis impressed Don Cherry with one of the goals he scored

During one of Don Cherry’s segments in game two of the Stanley Cup Final, Don Cherry and Ron MacLean were talking about the goal that Marty St. Louis scored.

Cherry said, Do you know that Marty St. Louis, yesterday, all by himself. There was no one in the arena except for you and I and he practiced this by himself for ten minutes, all by himself. There wasn’t another guy on the ice and he practiced that for 10 minutes. (Cherry)

Ron MacLean added, “so true and so impressive.” (Cherry)

St. Louis has a history of scoring on shots that he spends a lot of time working on.

Read: When Brad Richards and Marty St. Louis played on a line together in Tampa

During the time frame of 2002 to 2006, according to Raw Charge, the Tampa Bay Lightning featured a line that had Brad Richards centering Marty St. Louis and Frederick Modin.

The line has been called one of the best in Lightning history and also “Torts Binky” for his reliance on the line.

  • St. Louis and Richards were the top forwards in terms of ice time at 20:34 and 20:25
  • Modin was fourth in forward ice time with 18:11

Modin played in front of the net while Richards and St. Louis created space and lanes for each other.

The line broke up when Modin signed with Columbus and Raw Charge says that St. Louis was then put on the “MVP” line with Vinny Prospal and Vinny Lecavalier.

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Marty St. Louis Broadway Hat

Read: Getting this far has made it a special year for Marty St. Louis

During game six, Marty St. Louis told Pierre LeBrun that he spent the third period talking with his late mother. (ESPN)

When asked how he felt after game six, St. Louis said on MSG, “Just unbelievable. It makes everything right, everything I have gone through this year, I couldn’t be prouder of these guys…what a feeling!”

St. Louis told CBC‘s Scott Oake, “It’s been a tough year for me and this makes it pretty cool. Been somewhere for 13-14 years and change teams and to get a chance to play in the SCF with these teammates who have been nothing but great in the last few weeks, it makes it more special. I am proud to be a Ranger and do it with these great teammates.”

When asked how the Rangers have gotten this far, Dominic Moore told Pierre McGuire after game six, “I think a lot of credit needs to go to Marty. He is such a passionate guy on and off the ice, to see the courage he showed with that obstacle in his life. We rallied around that and then he led us on the ice as well. A lot of credit to him.”

St. Louis said that his determination and “not taking no for an answer” personality comes from his late mother and that “there is no doubt” in his mind that she has been with the Rangers all the way. (NY Post)

Zucc Marty

Read: What happened when Mats Zuccarello met Marty St. Louis’ wife

Steve Serby told Mats Zuccarello that compared to Marty St. Louis he is a “giant.” (NY Post)

Zuccarello agreed and then told a story about when he met St. Louis’ wife for the first time after game six against Montreal. (NY Post)

Zuccarello said that he was talking with Marty’s wife when Marty came over and jokingly asked if he was hitting on her. (NY Post)

Zuccarello replied, “no, I’m too tall for her.”  (NY Post)

St. Louis is listed on the Rangers website as being 5-8, 180lbs and Zuccarello is listed at 5-7, 179.

MSG Bridges

Read: Being at the rink has helped Marty St. Louis and Dominic Moore

When asked about Dominic Moore and Marty St. Louis and what they have been through, Alain Vigneault said that both have found a place where they can be happy and that is at the rink.

Vigneault added that being at the rink with their teammates and on the ice has helped them and they have been “very inspirational leaders” throughout the season and he his happy to have both of them.

St. Louis told CBC‘s Scott Oake after game six, “When you get on the ice it helps healing and being surrounded by my teammate,s it helped me, it brought some joy to our sadness. My dad is home tonight, he was here in game four and game three, my oldest son is playing in a tournament in Montreal so he had to be there but it’s good for him too to be able to heal through this.”