Recap: Marty St. Louis on TSN Radio (On his future, the team, John Tortorella)

Marty St. Louis 18/19/14 | 7:44AM: Marty St. Louis joined TSN Radio (David Bastl and Todd Hlushko) this morning at 7:30AM:

  • On playing with Todd Hlushko being a career high, “For sure. That is right up there. I was a rookie and Todd helped me find my way a bit and he was pretty good to me.”
  • On a long year, “for sure it was a long year but I was able to be in positions to win championships and that is what you play for. To win a Gold Medal and be in the Stanley Cup Final, you couldn’t ask for a better year.”

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Henrik Lundqvist Marty St. Louis

Read: How Marty St. Louis works with his teammates

When Marty St. Louis was acquired by the Ranger he said that he anticipated a tough transition and not only would he have to get used to his new teammates and their habits, his new teammates were going to have to get used to him and his habits.

St. Louis said on March 7th that he wants input from the players he is skating with on how they see the ice.(MSG)

He said, “If you understand your players you will be able to react quicker on the ice. You gotta try and get inside their head, how they think the game, not everyone sees the game the same way. (MSG)

St. Louis added, “the quicker you can do that you can turn a scoring chance into a Grade A scoring chance and those Grade A scoring chances into goals…. that is a process.” (MSG)

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Read: Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan McDonagh and Marty St. Louis in the top 50 players

MartyThe Hockey News Yearbook issue has a list of the Top 50 players in the NHL.

Henrik Lundqvist is ranked 19th (24th last year) and they say that he is the heartbeat of the Rangers who rely so heavily on him. (The Hockey News)

Ryan McDonagh is ranked 22nd (not ranked last year) and they say that while the playoffs were his “coming out party” anyone who watched him previously knows how important he is to the Rangers. (The Hockey News)

Marty St. Louis is ranked 38th (last year 12th) and they say that he is starting to slow but not enough to “deter” him.  (The Hockey News)


Read: Marty St. Louis and Dan Boyle took the same path

Brian BoyleWhen Dan Boyle joined the Rangers he said that Marty St. Louis played a big role in his decision to come to New York.

Boyle and St. Louis played together in Tampa Bay and said that the two have made it in the NHL on similar paths.

Asked about Boyle, St. Louis said that the two took a very similar path to the NHL saying:(Rangers)

  • “We came in the league around the same time, the same path.”
  • “He is from Ottawa, I am from Montreal.”
  • “We both didn’t play Major Junior and both went to College.”

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Read: Steven Stamkos on the Marty St. Louis trade

Steven Stamkoas was a guest on Macko and Cauz on TSN on July 23rd and was asked about the trade that sent Marty St. Louis to the Rangers for Ryan Callahan.

Stamkos said, “Marty was a very well liked guy. You see the type of player he is on the ice, he is a great guy off the ice. So much that he has done for the community of Tampa Bay and he won a Cup here. It was big shoes to fill for Ryan Callahan, but he has that character that it was a pretty easy transition and anytime you get traded it takes a while to feel it out and I think this year you will see even more from Ryan.”

Stamkos added that it helped him assume more of a leadership role on the team and that there are players like Callahan who have been former captains that can help him out.

Lightning goalie Ben Bishop has also spoken about the trade that sent St. Louis to the Rangers.

Marty St. Louis

Read: Gordie Clark, Dan Boyle, Henrik Lundqvist on Marty St. Louis and his playoffs

Gordie Clark said that when Marty St. Louis’ mother passed away during the second round of the playoffs, the players “sort of” forgot about hockey and started to focus on him. (Boston Herald)

Clark said that St. Louis returning to play in game five reminded him of when Ray Bourque came back from a hip injury in the playoffs in 1990 and the whole locker room lifted. Clark said that the same thing happened with Marty and the Rangers and the team rode that emotion and found their skill and speed again. (Boston Herald)

Henrik Lundqvist said recently, “It was a very different and unique experience. We played well in the start and then had some tough games and when that happened, you see how Marty carried himself and how he played the next couple of games and it inspired a lot of guys, me especially and to see him score on Mother’s day was one of the coolest moments I think I have had in NY. It was so important for us as a hockey team but at a personal level for what it meant to Marty it was a beautiful moment.” To read more of this story, click here

Read/Watch: One of the moments where Marty St. Louis really felt he had become a Ranger

Marty St. Louis was asked if the Rangers deep playoff run and all the personal issues he had to deal with accelerated the process of him feeling like a Ranger.

St. Louis said that the playoffs really helped him get close to his teammates and the fans and “scoring the winner in OT at MSG against Montreal, which is a team that I idolized growing up and my dad was in the stands. That was an unbelievable memory for me….to do that at MSG. (Rangers)

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Read: Brad Richards and Marty St. Louis are going to Scotland to golf

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of their 2004 Stanley Cup Win, Brad Richards, Marty St. Louis, Freddy Modin and Tim Taylor are going to Scotland to golf. (Blackhawks)

Richards said that they will play 36 holes per day. (Blackhawks)

Modin, Richards and St. Louis were a line for the Lightning when they won the Cup. 

Taylor played a season and a half for the Rangers from 1999 to 2001.

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Read: Marty St. Louis has been training for about a month

3:10PM: Marty St. Louis said today that he started training for this coming season for “four weeks, probably four-five weeks.” (Rangers)

He said, “Didn’t want to take too much time off with the short summer. I wanted to make sure that I will be ready on time so I figured that the less time off that I take, the better prepared I will be. I am taking a vacation here and there and I started training early so I could take those vacations. (Rangers)

He added, “this is the time of the year where you can prepare and be ready for the challenge, we know that it’s a tough and long year and the work you put it in the summer really sets yourself up for how you want to play. You need to focus on the things that will make you do that and I try to do that and put my time in the summer and have a big year.” (Rangers)

St. Louis said that besides training he has spent a lot of time this summer at the beach, pool, on the golf course and with his family. (Rangers)