Note: Yankee Stadium Jerseys This Week (UPDATES)

12/20/13; 7AM:  The Rangers Stadium Series jersey is WHITE and has NEW YORK running down the front of it. (Icethetics)

  • New York is BLUE and outlined in silver and red
  • The colors are similar to the Liberty jersey
  • The Rangers Chrome Logo is on one shoulder and the Stadium Series logo is on the other
  • The numbers on the back are elongated, as on the other Stadium Series jerseys, and are the same style as they are on the T-Shirt.

12/19/13: 6:40PM: The Rangers will reveal their Stadium Series jersey tomorrow prior to their game against the Islanders. (Rangers)

12/15/13: 1:34PM: The Rangers will unveil their Yankee Stadium jerseys this week. (Steve Zipay at Newsday)

THIS is what the Stadium Series T-shirt looks like.

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According to Icethetics, the Rangers jersey for the Stadium Series games at Yankee Stadium is “white” and not a “cream” color as the Winter Classic jersey was.

He also posts a link to ebay listings which show how the Rangers Stadium Series jersey shirt looks.

Rangers Stadium Series Jersey ShirtThe logo on the front is the Rangers Chrome logo that was designed for the game and Icethetics notes that while the colors of the numbers on the back are similar to the Rangers old Liberty jerseys this is a design that has never been used before.

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3:57PM: The Islanders have announced that the final design for their jersey will be revealed in mid-December. It is likely that the Rangers will reveal their jersey around the same time.

2:06PM: The NHL has announced that every team is using a “chrome” logo that is based on each team’s regular logo.


They add that the jerseys for each game will be revealed in the coming weeks.

1:22PM: When the Rangers participated in the 2012 Winter Classic, the team usedWinter Classic Rangers a variation of their first logo on their jerseys and in all Winter Classic related instances where a logo was needed.

Today, the Islanders, announced that they will have a different logo and jersey for their Stadium Series game against the Rangers.

The Rangers have not made any announcements yet about their Yankee Stadium jerseys but a listing of a souvenir puck on ebay, which has the new Islanders logo, shows the Rangers using their traditional shield.

It is believed that the Rangers will wear new and different jerseys for their Yankee Stadium games.

Henrik Lundqvist may wear pads that have Yankee Pinstripes on them.

Buzz: No Alumni Games At Yankees Stadiums?

There will not be Alumni games between the Rangers, Islanders and Devils at Yankee Stadium as part of the Stadium Series event, according to a tweet from Steve Zipay of Newsday.

Alumni Games have been part of previous outdoor NHL games including the Winter Classic and the Heritage Classic.

The LA Kings will not have an Alumni Game prior to their game at Dodger Stadium against the Anaheim Ducks. The Kings said that they explored the idea of having an Alumni Game but that logistics prevented it from happening.

Tickets have gone on sale to season ticket holders of the Rangers and an Alumni Game was not part of the package offered to purchase.

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Note: Yankee Stadium Ticket Prices For Season Subscribers

8/19/13: (7:17PM) The Rangers have begun alerting season subscribers, via Dom, about a window in which they can purchase tickets to the Stadium Series games at Yankee Stadium against the Devils and Islanders.

The team is offering tickets to season subscribers and doing so in two games packs and selling the same number of seats that the season subscriber has a Madison Square Garden. The seats for both games in the pack are at the same location.

The team will offer all season subscribers the chance to purchase tickets but in different stages. Priority to purchase is based on “current seating levels and tenure to allow equivalent access.”

Each ticket plan also comes with a special Rangers knit hit and scarf.

Seating and price information is below

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