Read: Steve Fogarty Broke Out This Season

At Hockey’s Future Leslie Treff wrote about 2011 third round pick Steven Fogarty and how he was the Rangers breakout prospect playing in the BCHL this past season.

Fogarty, who will play at Notre Dame this season, scored 33 goals and 48 assists

Treff writes of him, “Fogarty was very raw when drafted. However his progress this past season suggests a very good adjustment to the collegiate ranks and plenty of opportunities to put up big numbers next season.”

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Adam Rotter: This guy is still a few years away but seems to have the tools to be a nice player. The Rangers do have an eye for prospects from Minnesota coming out of high school…

Note: USA Hockey Invites JT Miller and Steve Fogarty To WJC Camp

USA Hockey has announced that JT Miller has been invited to participate in their evaluation camp for the World Junior Championships.

Miller played for Team USA in the World Juniors last season.

He had two goals and two assists in the tournament last year.

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Steve Fogarty, the third round pick from 2011, has also been invited to the camp.

Stats: How Evgeny Grachev and Ethan Werek Are Doing

This past offseason, the Rangers traded Ethan Werek to Phoenix for Oscar Lindberg and Evgeny Grachev to the St. Louis Blues for the 72nd pick in the draft. The Rangers used that pick to select Steven Fogarty.

Grachev has played 10 games for the Blues and picked up 1 assist while averaging 9:25 per game. He has five shots in ten games.

In the BCHL, Fogarty, who will play at Notre Dame next season has:

Werek is playing for the Portland Pirates in the AHL this season. He has three assists in eight games.

Playing in the Swedish league, Lindberg, a 2010 second round pick of Phoenix has:

The Skellefet Website says that Lindberg “Have a good game inside and is a skilled two-way center. Is also a good skater and playmaker who can carry and pass the puck at high speed.”

I wanted to see his faceoff stats, since he is a wizard at them, but I struck out looking for them.

I am rooting for Grachev to succeed, Werek less so, but like the potential that Fogarty could bring down the line and Lindberg too even if he is a defensive center who is just Tim Erixon’s buddy and cousin.

Read: Steven Fogarty Is A Goal Scorer

At The Hockey News, Ryan Kennedy lists 2011 third round pick Steven Fogarty as someone who is on The Hot List.

Fogarty says that he is a team player, but that his main role is to generate offense.

He also says that he plans to attend Notre Dame after this season because “If hockey doesn’t work out, I have a degree to fall back on and Notre Dame is the perfect place for that.”

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It seems like it could be a while before we get to see Fogarty as he will play this season in the BCHL and then possibly the next four at Notre Dame. There is a nice buzz about him and Gordie Clark saw him a bunch of times, so he has seen the potential that he has. Again, the Rangers did well the last time they took a center from Minnesota out of High School.


Read: Steven Fogarty Is A Power Forward

At Hockey’s Future, they look at all the prospects from Minnesota that were drafted this past June.

They say that Steven Fogarty, 72nd overall by the Rangers, is a “power forward all the way,” and that he uses his size to score in tight and push people around on the ice.

He is 6-2, 195 lbs.

See everything about Fogarty, HERE.

Fogarty will play in the BCHL next seasons and then at Notre Dame in 2012-13, so he isn’t any one to get excited about making an impact soon. I like when the Rangers take guys that are a little off the board because it makes me think that the Rangers know something about them that other teams don’t. They really like him and did pretty well with the last center they took from Minnesota.

Buzz: Steven Fogarty Won’t Be Going To The WHL

According to Coming Down The Pipe, 2011 third round pick Steven Fogarty will choose to play in the BCHL over the WHL this coming season.

Fogarty has a verbal commitment to play at the University of Notre Dame and will play there after a year with the Penticton Vees.

They say that the Rangers preferred Fogarty to play in the WHL with Edmonton, but  suggested that he play in the BCHL next season if he wanted to play with ND in 2012-13. They say that the Rangers didn’t want him going back to the USHL.

Fogarty was selected with the 72nd pick in June’s draft.

WATCH Fogarty get interviewed right after being picked.

Notre Dame is a pretty good program, and while the WHL may be a quicker way for him to develop, it is up to Fogarty to decide where he wants to play. He is very raw and it’s still very early to project anything out for him, but the Rangers did do pretty well the last time they took a center from Minnesota who went to play NCAA hockey.

NEWS: Rangers Trade Evgeny Grachev To St. Louis and Draft Steven Fogarty

The Rangers have traded Evgeny Grachev to the St. Louis Blues for the 72nd pick.

With the 72nd pick, the Rangers have taken center Stephen Fogarty from Minnesota.

He is 6-2 and 195 pounds. He was ranked 71nd by Future Considerations.

I would think that the Rangers really like this kid to move Grachev. The Rangers know Grachev better than anyone at this point and they must have seen enough of him to understand what kind of player he will turn out to be. Fogarty seems to have some nice long-term potential. Again, I trust the Rangers decision makers like Gordie Clark and Jeff Gorton.

Grachev was the 75th pick in 2008.

Fogarty had 23 goals and 17 assists in 24 games this past season.

He will play in the USHL this season and then Notre Dame.

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